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Members of Parliament must be treated respectfully – Suresh Angadi

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In the newshour debate on TimesNow Channel Belagavi MP Suresh Angadi who is also the Chairman of the House Committee of the Lok Sabha spoke and said Members of Parliament must be treated respectfully.

mp-angadiThe discussion was after a TDP MP allegedly created ruckus and pushed an airline staffer after he was denied boarding by IndiGo for being late — prompting a flying ban by the budget carrier, state-run Air India and SpiceJet.

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6 thoughts on “Members of Parliament must be treated respectfully – Suresh Angadi”

  1. All these MP s they themselves as they are above law. Utterly non sense they lack sense responsibility , understanding situation create rukus behave like hooligans absolutely shameful. They need all privileges enjoy on all our tax money. In last 10yrs he as not done any development except he built he’s own empire in belagavi.

  2. Sir..MPs are not above law. Why should they be given special treatment? First of all they are using taxpayers money and then misbehave with employees? Why should anyone tolerate such behaviour? Respect has to be earned. Not demanded. Please look at APJ Kalam Sirs behaviour and ask MPs to learn from his simple life.

  3. Not an MP. First and foremost,the COMMON MAN should be respected, The LAW should be respected.
    Gaikwad beat this old man more than 25 times and is still a FREE MAN with no law action against him yet,Eventhough all proof is on Camera,just because he is an MP .
    We can’t respect this thing happening and we can’t respect such MP’S.

  4. Mr. Suresh Angadi, seems terribly unpopular seeing feedback over a period of time. Not sure why a national party like the BJP gives tickets to people like him. Looking at 2019, Belgaum seat is a sitting duck for any candidate, if BJP nominates him again. Even Modi ji shall not be of any use to retain this seat for BJP.


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