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Restoration of Forests with 4 Lakh seed balls

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The Forest department plans to restore the green cover of the Forest land by dispensing 4 lakh seed balls this season in Belagavi district.

Apart from one crore tree plantation drive, for the first time, the forest department has taken this step to increase the green vegetation and this project would be implemented in Kakti, Nesaragi, Gujanal, Golihalli, Londa, Nagargali, Khanapur and Kankumbi forest limits in Belagavi.

seed-ballsSeed-bombing is a technique of planting trees by embedding organic seed balls in the ground. The advantage of seedbombs is that they do not need to be completely buried in the ground in order for them to germinate.

The Forest department will also take help of NGO’s and one committee headed by range forest officer in respective ranges will assure the implementation of the same. Student representatives, various social organisation and elected representatives will be the members for this committee.

The seed balls made in red soil, compost and seeds will also be made available so that it can be sown at public places and open lands. Seed balls contains seeds of Teak, Nandi, Honni, Banyan, Karimatti, Sandalwood, Bamboo, Gulmoahar, Tamarind, cashew nut and various other seeds.

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  1. Very good initiative and really appreciable efforts by the forest Dept. We have lost forest heavily near Belgaum Area and this initiative will certainly help to restore . This needs public participation in a big way and should be jointly done with the help from Indian Army, Air Force , Industies, NGO


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