Incense sticks from flower waste plant inaugurated at Belagavi

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A plant for making incense sticks from Flower waste was inaugurated at Flower Market in Ashoka Nagar under the Corporation by Mr. Subhash Adi.

Flowers play a significant role in religious ceremonies across India, whether it be at a Temple, Gurdwara, or other religious places. However, a large portion of these flowers end up being discarded as waste in garbage bins or rivers. This calls for a constant need to find a new purpose for these flowers. Thankfully, a solution has been found to give these discarded flowers a fresh lease on life.

The Belagavi City Corporation has come up with an innovative plan to transform flower waste into incense sticks. This initiative involves collecting dry flowers from temples, events, and households that would typically end up in dump yards. The Belagavi wholesale flower market, along with various temples, Dargahs, and other religious sites, contribute to this collection of flower waste. The Belagavi City Corporation has taken the responsibility of collecting and recycling these flowers separately to produce incense sticks.

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To facilitate this project, the city Corporation has been established at the Ashoka Nagar Wholesale Flower Market in Belagavi city. This unit will serve as a dedicated space for the transformation of flower waste into incense sticks.

By repurposing these discarded flowers, the Belagavi City Corporation not only reduces waste but also creates a valuable product. Incense sticks hold cultural and religious significance in India, making them a sought-after commodity. This initiative not only benefits the environment but also contributes to the local economy.

The Belagavi City Corporation’s plan to make incense sticks from flower waste is a commendable effort. It not only addresses the issue of flower waste but also provides a sustainable solution while promoting economic growth. This project showcases the city’s commitment to environmental conservation and innovation.

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  1. Recycling waste in creative ways is a well-established mission at Baba Amte’s Anandwan in the Warora tehesil of Chandrapur Zilla in Maharashtra.

    • Good evening sir ,this is Dr Veena Jadhav Professor and PI of DST project new Delhi GOI. In this project am doing the same work with given one PhD student research on this work…let me work with this ,i had standardised the flowers for making of powder with different types of flowers and it has been tried in a different drying technique and crushed and powdered and making of and it has been developed with different colour and it has been be accepted by the consumers i wanted to meet you on this aspect.Thanking you

  2. Its great initiative hearty congratulations to all those who made it possible. Rather than making waste better it was put in right use.


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