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Industrialist’s meet minister K. J. George – demand for industrial areas

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The Belgaum District Small Scale Industries Association & Belgaum Chamber of Commerce & Industries Had an Interaction meeting with Shri. K. J. George, Hon’ble Minister for Large & Medium Scale Industries, IT & BT Science and Technology Government of Karnataka, at Shri. Nijlingappa Sugar Institute, Ganeshpur along with all the Managing Committee Members

Shri. Umesh Sharma President explained the Problems facing as well as what amenities required by MSME’s in Belagavi as are given below

a) Five Star Industrial area to be developed – As our Neighboring State in Maharashtra Kagal MIDC has developed Five Star Industrial Estate like that in Belagavi also New Five Star Industrial Estate to be established from this New Entrepreneurs will come as well as Employment generation all create. for this Hon’ble Minister Assured that they will do it and also instructed the officers to make a report on this after visit to Kagal MIDC Five Star Industrial Estate. 


b) Skill Development Centre to be Start at Belagavi – As in Udyambag only one GTTC Skill Development centre is available for CNC Machines only for this we demanded Another New Skill Development Centre to Start for Foundry as well as Automobiles for this Hon’ble Minister Said that this project we will discuss with the concerned officials and Definitely within 3 months the proposal will be Start. 

C) ESIC Hospital at Udyambag – As the Existing ESIC Hospital is in Ashok Nagar and it is far away from Udyambag in emergency employees cant go and take treatment for this we demanded New ESIC Hospital with all latest Technology Equipment in Udyambag for this Hon’ble minister ordered to ESIC Department officials to Make one Report and send it go Government and in the meantime ESIC Dispensary which is situated in Bhagyanagar that will shifted to Udyambag 

D) Provident Fund Regional office to be open at Belagavi District- As the Present Region office of Provident fund is in Hubli all the Entrepreneurs as well as employees have to get any claim settlement and another issue from Hubli only for this Enforcement office of EPFO Mr. Alister also requested to Minister to Start Regional office in Belagavi and the same proposal also sent to Head office  for thisMinisterr Assured that the Regional office will also start in Belagavi. As in Hubli Regional offic,e 46% Entrepreneurs are registered for this the Regional office is must required. 

E) Flight Connectivity to be Increase –  As presen,t only 3 days flights are available for this we demanded State Government also Try to make it Belagavi in UDAAN Scheme and all Flight to be start from Belagavi to Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmadabad, 

F) Skill Development Centre for women Entrepreneurs – We Demanded one Skill Development Centre or Cluster to be start for women Entrepreneurs and also give the scope to them to introduce their skill for this Hon’ble Minister said in Auto Nagar Permanent Exhibition Centre we will provide some space for women entrepreneurs  Skill Development as well as product display center. 

G) Long pending issue of water bills to be wave off – We demanded that the KUWS and City Corporation raised the bills to all the Udyambag, Angol ind Estate Units costing around Rs. 2.35 Crore that has to be wave of because almost 96 % units  dont have water connections but still they are getting Bills from KUWS and those who have connections they are paying the bill amount regularly for this Hon’ble Minsiter Said that I cant take this Decision because it comes under Shri. U T Khader Hon’ble Minister and i will discuss with them as well as Chief Minister and we will come with the conclusion.  

H)  Requirement of large Scale Industries / PSU Companies in belagavi – we expressed our request that in Belagavi we require Autombile Large Scale Industries and PSU Companies so that Small Scale Industries will get new vendorship as well as new Emplyment will create for this Hon’ble Minsiter Instructed to KIADB officials to find out nearby 20 to 30 km Land and we will discuss with Chief Minister and Decide which large scale Industries can be start in belagavi… We demanded that Mahindra & Mahindra, TATA, like all big companies to be start in Belagavi. 

Alter all the Discussion Hon’ble Minister Shri. K. J. George  Assured that all these demanded will defiantly fulfilled a Another one meeting will be arrange in Belagavi to witness the progress of these all Demands.

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  1. Comment: Industrial association should give demand to central Labour ministry also to establish esic hospital at udyambag , Hospital is must at Udyambag. all dispensary in bgm are highly corrupt they demand money for every work instead they get salary from esic employees contribution hard earned money it’s such shameful..


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