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Integrated Command and Control Centre to reopen as COVID war room

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The Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) set up by Belagavi Smart City Limited will be utilised as a COVID war room, Deputy Commissioner K. Harish Kumar said in Belagavi on Friday.

Last year on April 23, 2020 the same was formally inaugurated as a COVID war room, but guess after the war was over it was shut or it never functioned and now again a fresh start will be made to set it up as a war room.

Currently, there are no COVID war room functions being carried out, as per the DC Harish Kumar a new website has to be launched.

The DC has asked them (ICCC run by BEL) to create a website to centrally monitor tracing and testing, supply of drugs and oxygen from across the district.

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He asked officers to get real time data from the taluks and aggregate and analyse it at the centre.

 It was developed at a cost of around ₹45 crores. Basic infrastructure is provided by Bengaluru-based BEL.

The question here arises if last year the COVID war room was inaugurated and it worked then why is that this year again a new website has to be made?

Volunteer-driven websites like are working giving if not real-time info, a good amount of info which is real and even many distress calls have been fulfilled from beds to medicines.

We just hope the new website is launched and it will help the citizens to get real time info of beds etc as envisaged.

1 thought on “Integrated Command and Control Centre to reopen as COVID war room”

  1. Uday it’s a joke, they don’t have a proper IT system that will generate real-time data & show analytics on COVID Management.
    They have a old tool developed my Quentalla but that hardly serves the purpose. ICCC Platform is of no use in COVID Management, though it was told to them to develop it in a manner it could handle such requests but Healthcare is not integrated. This is what I have been telling them but the corrupt Officials, PMC & BEL have messed it up.


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