Irate customer locks Bank; Art of Living Camp

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The Art of Living will organize “Maha Satsang” and “Pranayama Dhyan” camp at the Nehru Stadium (Dist. Stadium) in the city from 5th of February. Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji, the founder of the Art of Living will be conducting the program.

From Express News Service:

Irate customer locks Bank

A customer who had deposited lakhs of rupees in a private finance company had expressed his anger in a different way by locking the Society during the working hours as the Society failed to return his sum at the fixed time.

Basavaraj Bhagwant Anchi of Anjaneya Nagar had deposited some amount in the Mahantesh Co-operative Credit Society Ltd at Mahantesh Nagar.

The Society, which is having account in Basaveshwar Co-operative Bank Ltd, had issued cheques of the Bank and had asked Anchi to draw the money in September. However, the cheques bounced due to insufficient balance in the account.

Anchi called on the directors of the Bank on this issue who asked Anchi to submit the cheque after a few days. However, again the cheques bounced.

They neither responded nor gave the phone numbers of the concerned people to Anchi. Enraged by this, Anchi locked the doors of the Society. Later, he informed the matter to the Malmaruti police.

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