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IT park in 750 Acres Is it needed asks residents: Protest at DC office

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We have to save the lung spaces of Belagavi City at any cost or else we will end up like other cities of North Karnataka where due to deforestation temperatures are soaring & unbearable.

Speaking at the DC office Rajkumar Toppannavar said, We don’t oppose IT park in Belagavi, Infact more than a decade ago during the BJP-JDS alliance govt I led thousands of youth by train thrice & met then CM Kumaraswamy & demanded IT Park, winter sessions & Suvarna Soudha. He than allotted 140 acres for an IT park at Desur, out of which 40 acres only was developed as a layout & amenities were provided but till date no company has been operational & successive Govts have neglected. The govt without making a 40 acres IT park operational is now eyeing on a 750 acres grassland forest land which is home to wide variety of flora & fauna & helps regulate climatic conditions in Belagavi City.

Even Bengaluru, does not have IT parks above 50 acres, 750 acres will be used to grab land on the pretext of IT!!

Should we allow Public Representatives who have become land grabbers to destroy Belagavi’s Environment?

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3 thoughts on “IT park in 750 Acres Is it needed asks residents: Protest at DC office”

  1. This is purely land grab technique used by land mafia. Govt built shops for vegetable vendors at first gate and contractors made money.

    Same will be the case here. After a few years, same land will be auctioned at a lesser price and nobody will know about it.

  2. Making IT park is good innovative for smarter city but not at the cost of health of public by deavasting huge forest……belgaum is beautiful place with suited with all climate. Please keep our environment as it is… not anymore harm our nature

  3. Do not allow any civil modifications in the Military area of Belgaum. It is the pride of not just Belgaum bit also of our great nation. For decades some greedy p[people wanted to shift this military area, even near and on thee way to Savgao, military shooting training range, to outskirts or even outside Belgaum, and that should never happen. Don’t even accept any applications for making the military area a civil area in future. It will be a great thing to do, not just for Belgaum and its entire population, for those who had to stay away for work reasons, and also yo our Nation as a whole because of the great importance this area carries because of how our jawans and commandos are getting advanced military and commando training here.. We have seen these jawans in action even during the surgical strikes across the western border… Dedicating this area to these brave-hearts and the Indian Army is the right kind of humble service we can do for them, at least. Let’s do it!


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