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Its chaos to Pay property tax thanks to citizen friendly Corporation

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We have always heard from the city corporation Belagavi that there is a dearth of funds and many a times even the salary and pension are not disbursed on time. But in April many of those prompt tax paying citizens queue up to pay their property tax as they get 5% discount on the tax.

On the 2nd April many went to collect the challan and like every time the citizens carried the last years paid challan on which the new challan used to be prepared. But this time things have changed and been made digital (really!), the clerk asks for the Self assessment form filled some years ago from which he takes out a huge book and writes something on a paper and then asks you to queue on a SINGLE window where if you are lucky you can see one operator and about 50+ people falling on him to get the challan made.

The online funda is only that the challan is prepared online and for 25 wards there is only one operator at the Govaves complex office. At the Konwal Galli office they said come later and citizens said they were waiting since 8 am. Luckily once you get the challan then you go to Belagavi one centres only (No banks)  and pay the same. So where is the Digital Funda here.

A friend who was to pay his tax said to stand in this queue and spend hours to get discount of Rs.100-200 is of no use. Lets pay the tax later.

People will pay up if you make it easy for them, most of the people defy from paying taxes as it involves spending a lot of time and labour.

Many said we would pay it right away, but the officials say get this, get that then come tomorrow we are busy with elections are no excuses the citizens want to hear. There are people who have queued up to pay the taxes they should be encouraged but here even the ones who are coming are been discouraged.

We can only say may good sense prevail with the Corporation and if they really want to collect the tax they have to be proactive and be citizen friendly so that more and more citizens come up and pay up their taxes.

6 thoughts on “Its chaos to Pay property tax thanks to citizen friendly Corporation”

  1. Except Belgaum City Corporation (SMART CITY) no other tax collenting authority has demand tax payers to come over to their office with earlier years paid receipts and and stand big Q get new one, and rush to Bank or BGM one and again in Q and pay tax volunterly. BCC never maintained any tax received records. Ahaa, SMART CITY SMART MOOV.

  2. Went today. Truly chaotic, messy and plain horrible how the government works. Cannot just believe that they treat taxpayers like this. Only God is running our country.
    Just pity the data entry operator(s). They are overloaded and hassled. They need to systematize the process have a counter for screening, handling enquiries and then the data entry operators should be isolated from the mess.

  3. Some changes noticed this evening. The data entry operators are being housed separately. Their number has also been increased but still not sufficient.

  4. The city corpn can issue the challan as usual the bcc has all the records of tax paying citizens but for the sake of convenient to computerisation the ward clerk can collect the sas form and challan zerox copy can feed the data in computer afterwards. First collect the revenue and give the benefit of 5 % to the citizens who are ready to pay sincerely

  5. So called SMART CITY got to have SMARTER people to handle tasks efficiently ,timely, skilfully, honesty with integrity and respect. When law abiding residents show up at the counter to pay taxes they shouldn’t have to spend all day or following days. One has to always remember that Time is Money. Tax payer come to the corporation office leaving their job, their family and their chores to satisfy their obligation which is their tax dues. It is then becomes management responsibility to have enough staffing, proper equipment, skilled technical support, better organized environment to speed up the process. Taxpayers need utmost respect because they are the one who put you in the office to serve them.

  6. I have given the Xerox copy of last year as also the copy of self assessment form submitted by me 2010..These documents are handed over to the concerned clerk on 9th April..I had also provided my mobile no.They say I will receive phone call..Today is 30th and neither I have received the call nor the challan is ready inspire of my 5 visits to Goa ves complex office..Funnily,my neighbour who submitted his copies four days after me received the challan and he paid the tax today..I am not only deprived of the 5% discount but had to spend 2 litres of petrol for my 5 visits..

    SS Lokatntr,plot 219,Rani Chandan na nagar,1st stage,Belgium…Ward 2…Mobile no.9845760148


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