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Tallest National Flag brought down – Flag would be hoisted again today

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The tallest National Flag at the Kote Kere Belagavi which stands at height of 110 meters, the 9600 sq feet flag which weighs 500 kgs was brought down on Tuesday after some damage was spotted on the flag. It was hoisted on March 12.

This kind of Flags are termed as “Monumental flag” and the flag, is made of weather proof polyester fabric (Deneir Polyester). A ‘monumental flag’ is one that is hoisted at a tall height and not lowered at dusk. 



Special permission from the home ministry is to be taken to keep the flag hoisted at all times and the flag will have to be well lit through the evening and can be seen at all times.

But due to gusty winds sometimes the flag gets damaged and here also it seems to be the reason. The team was unable to carry the 500-kg flag along with them and left it covered in plastic beside the flag mast till late evening.

A new flag would be hoisted on Wednesday after inspection post noon sources said.


4 thoughts on “Tallest National Flag brought down – Flag would be hoisted again today”

  1. Who is the responsible officer for the High flags, is the proper way of the respecting is following by the concrened As the dignity of the Nation ……… hopefully it will be very appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Giving full honour & Respecting our national flag is very important than hosting it for only to creat new record’s

  3. Flag getting damaged within few days of it’s hoisting!? It seems that it would be a difficult task to maintain the flag as it’s size is huge. I hope it will not prove to be a white elephant.


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