Jamboti – Kinaye ghat Dacoits arrested

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The Belagavi rural police under the guidance of the senior officers have been able to nab the dacoity gang active in the Jamboti – Kinaye ghat section.

It was reported that in the night a gang of dacoits used to attack trucks, cars and loot money from them in the Jamboti – Kinaye Ghat section.
The police kept a close watch on such cases and have today nabbed 5 persons involved in the same and have also recovered weapons used during the dacoity.

Nigannpa Naik of Bharnatti
Sidappa Naik of Bharnatti

Bhimappa Naik of Bharnatti

Bhamrappa Pujari of Bharnatti

Maruti Naik of Bharnatti

kinaye dacoit1
kinaye daciot

The special team was led by Sushilkumar Nandeshwar of the Rural Police station.

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  1. Hillarious – Thats kicthen knife and sickle used by farmers, this wont stand in court for 5 mins. It appears that there was pressure to show some results.


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