Javed Mushapiri performs Satyanarayan Puja

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Each of the Police stations in Belagavi adorns the Ganpati Bappa and is worshiped each day as the one in one’s home.

The Shahpur Police station also adorns the Bappa at the police station, and Inspector Javed Mushapiri, a Muslim has set a worthy example of communal harmony. Today he was seen wearing a white lungi, kurta, topi as he performed the Satyanarayan Puja at the Shahpur Police station.

Last year as well he had brought Ganesh idol in a procession as any other household would do with pomp and glory.

mushapiri puja

The Commissioner has already praised him for his actions and such acts instill a sense of confidence amongst all communities, he said.

J M Kalimirchi, inspector of APMC also performed puja and also took part in the maha prasad.

We need more like them who are an example of unity in diversity and emphasizing the fact that by celebrating festivals of one and other, the nation becomes stronger.

8 thoughts on “Javed Mushapiri performs Satyanarayan Puja”

  1. ना हिंदू बुरा है, ना मुसलमां बुरा है
    जो बुराई पर उतर आये, वो इंसान बुरा है

    गीता में लिखा है
    हमें पैदा दूसरे करते हैं
    हम जीते दूसरे के लिए हैं
    हम कमाते दूसरों के लिए हैं
    हम जब मरते है, दूसरो के कंधों पर शमशान या कब्रिस्तान जाते हैं
    फिर अंहकार क्यों-?, क्यों आपस में झगडऩा?
    Salute to Javed Mushapiri Sir.


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