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Khanapur imposes ban on visits to waterfalls after accidents

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During the monsoon season, Khanapur taluk is home to numerous breathtaking waterfalls. However, this remote area falls under the sanctuary, and tourists who come to witness its natural beauty must adhere to the rules set by the forest department. Recently, there has been a surge in visitors to Jamboti and the surrounding waterfalls.

It is crucial for citizens who come to appreciate nature’s wonders to ensure that no harm comes to the wildlife or the forest itself. Unfortunately, there has been a significant uproar due to the dangerous journey and the increasing amount of garbage left behind in the forest area. These actions blatantly disregard the rules set by the forest department.

The decision to ban tourist entry was made in response to the rising number of young people visiting the waterfalls and experiencing minor or fatal accidents. Many of these youngsters attempt to swim in the waterfalls or lose their balance while taking selfies, resulting in tragic accidents and injuries.

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A recent incident, where a young individual from Belagavi lost their life, served as a wake-up call for the forest officials in Kankumbi. This unfortunate incident occurred at waterfall near Man village, located on the Khanapur Goa border. The trail leading to this waterfall is so treacherous that even the local villagers avoid it.

To enforce the ban, signs have been prominently displayed at all the waterfalls, warning of legal consequences for those who defy the order. Furthermore, the forest department has closed the roads leading to Jamboti and other falls in the area. Check posts have been set up along these roads, and forest department personnel have been stationed to ensure compliance. Information boards have also been installed in various locations to provide guidance and awareness.

It is essential for visitors to respect the rules and regulations put in place to protect both the natural beauty of the area and the safety of all individuals involved.

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