Khanapur road widening slower than Snails pace

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belgaum khanapurrd On January 25, 2013, Khanapur road widening starts was the story posted by us, which was encouraging to an extent, where citizens thought it would ease a lot of traffic issues atleast for those 600 mtrs. But it has been exactly the opposite. The 600 mtrs stretch which has to be widened is going on at slower than a snails pace for reasons known to the PWD only. Initially there was some opposition of a few shop owners but that too died of in some time, but the pace of the work has never picked up.

The 600 mtrs stretch widening has been awarded at Rs.9,74,45,125.04

The Tender has been awarded to BABU SANNAKUSA MOGER with the following details-

KPWD/2012-13/RD/WORK_INDENT12216 – 1.20 kms to 1.50  – Rs. 49915587.45

KPWD/2012-13/RD/WORK_INDENT12215 – 1.50 kms to 1.8 – Rs. 47529537.59

Tender was opened on 25/10/2012.


The following things are part of the tender which means all these things must be made –

6 Lane Carriageway and Parking Lane –Partially widened Not yet done

Construction of Median – Not yet done

Construction of Footpath & Storm water drain – Currently work in progress

Shifting of Water supply lines – Currently work in progress

Shifting Of Electrical Poles – Partially done

Decorative Median Lighting – yet to begin

Decorative Pathway Lighting – yet to begin

We can only pray that after spending 9 crores for 600 mtrs of road we citizens would be able to walk and drive through the same at ease. 

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