Kid fills potholed road at Post man circle: Administration is dumb as always

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Belgaum(now Belagavi) showed the way for voluntary subscriptions of road repairs in 1848, says Thornton’s Gazetteer, 66.

In 1848 the leading men of Belgaum (now Belagavi) formed a committee and Roads, in four months by voluntary subscriptions repaired all the roads, and lanes of the town, extending to a length of between nine and ten miles. In reward for their public spirit Government granted the people of Belagavi a sum of £600 (Rs. 6000) to improve the town. Still much remained to be done in widening the old roads and in making new roads until the municipality was established in 1852.

Even in 2022 the citizens of Belagavi are self-driven and work for their city.

See the image, of this good little kid toiling hard to fill the potholes on the Postman circle which comes under the Cantonment board. The entire station road was made but about 30 mtrs of the road was left unpatched for reasons unknown or many said that the “40%”. Courtesy: @belagavi_news

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From pothole filling to managing traffic, like Abdul Gaffar Shaikh from Camp who manages traffic so that school-going children can cross the Khanapur road safely.

The administration has always turned a blind eye to such small but BASIC demands of the citizens. Even after 75 years of independence what we still demand is better roads, gutters etc.

The elected representatives spend lakhs or crores on putting up banners for festivals but pothole roads are not repaired.

We salute all those Supermen and women from Belagavi who come out and make that little difference to the city which was the duty of the administration.

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