Kids learn to make the kite in High flyers kite workshop


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kitesAbout 150 students from various schools made their own kites and saw them soar high in the sky. It was a moment of joy and achievement for all who made a kite for the first time.

The workshop was held at B K Model high school and was organised by the Belgaum based High Flyers run by Sandesh Kaddi in association with Rotary club of Belgaum.

Sandesh Kaddi explaining the making of the kite
Sandesh Kaddi explaining the making of the kite



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  1. Cool! Happy to see people from BELGAUM exploring such Creative tasks like karaoke, doll making, painting & now kite making. You guys are really awesome.

    You know what such hobbies & events are indicator of the high Happiness Quotient in the people of BELGAUM.

    Wish BELGAUMites nurture this high Happiness Quotient.


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