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Suresh Angadi has attendance of 74% in Loksabha

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Suresh Angadi has over attendance of 74% in the current Loksabha.

Session No



1First 09100%
2Budget II 0977%
3Winter 0938%
4Budget 1081%
9Winter 2011100%
5Monsoon 1054%
6Winter 1070%
7Budget 201174%
8Monsoon 201169%
10Budget 201284%

 angadiMr. Angadi ahs taken part in debates with topics such as Railways, Defense but he has asked specific questions/debates about Firing range which happens to be near the college his trust owns.

In the various debates Mr.Angadi has asked about the Shifting of the Bagdad Asmara Firing Range, Regarding need to transfer land belonging to Defence Department in Belgaum district, Karnataka to Belgaum district Authority to ensure smooth flow of traffic in the area, allocate funds for widening and maintenance of roads under the control of Cantonment Board in Belgaum, Abolish the system of collection of entry tax in cantonment areas of Belgaum, hand over cantonment board land for road widening work near Ashoka Circle & Request to remove the cantonment from Belgaum.

In all the above debates raised under various rules of the Loksabha, majority of the points relate to the Cantonment and Cantonment’s non cooperation with the district administration.

As per the MPLADS website our MP Suresh Angadi has recommended work of Rs.2.35 crores and still Rs.6.19 cores remain unspent from the 9 crore eligible.


Debate title/ Bill name

Debate type

08-07-2009General Discussion on the Budget (Railways) for 2009-2010Budget (Railways)
09-07-2009The Budget (General) – 2009-2010 and Demands for Excess Grants (General) – 2006-2007Budget (General)
15-12-2009Supplementary Demand for Grant (Railways) – 2009-10Budget (Railways)
29-07-2010Regarding need to shift Bagdad Asmara firing range in Karnataka to some other placeLS – Matters under (Rule-377)
02-12-2010Shift Bagdad Asmara Firing Range to Ramdurg and Marihal Ranges in Belgaum Taluka, KarnatakaLS – Matters under (Rule-377)
15-03-2011Maintenance of MP flats in-and-around DelhiSpecial Mention
23-03-2011Need to construct own school building and non-payment of rent by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, BelgaumSpecial Mention
24-03-2011The Institutes of Technology (Amendment) Bill, 2010Government Bills
28-11-2011Regarding need to start the construction of school building for Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 3 at Macche in Belgaum, KarnatakaLS – Matters under (Rule-377)
08-12-2011Regarding need to provide land under Defence Authority for setting up of Water Treatment Plant at Belgaum, Karnataka for supply of water to residents of the cityLS – Matters under (Rule-377)
12-12-2011Regarding need to transfer land belonging to Defence Department in Belgaum district, Karnataka to Belgaum district Authority to ensure smooth flow of traffic in the areaLS – Matters under (Rule-377)
22-12-2011Need to allocate funds for widening and maintenance of roads under the control of Cantonment Board in Belgaum, KarnatakaLS – Matters under (Rule-377)
15-03-2012Plight of indian expatriates working for Global Steel NigeriaSpecial Mention
20-03-2012Abolish the system of collection of entry tax in cantonment areas of Belgaum, KarnatakaLS – Matters under (Rule-377)
27-03-2012Budget (General)Budget (General)
29-03-2012Need to hand over cantonment board land for road widening work near Ashoka Circle, Belgaum in KarnatakaLS – Matters under (Rule-377)
30-04-2012Issue related to storage of crops and lack of sacksSpecial Mention
13-05-2012Sixty years Journey of the Indian ParliamentGovernment Resolutions
15-05-2012Request to remove the cantonment from Belgaum,KarnatakaSpecial Mention





13-07-2009Protection to Fishermen in Deep SeasDEFENCE
13-07-2009Deep Sea Fishing Projects of MPEDACOMMERCE AND INDUSTRY
14-07-2009Deep Sea FishingAGRICULTURE
22-07-2009Irregularities in CGHS DispensariesHEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE
04-08-2009Committee on FisheriesAGRICULTURE
19-11-2009Implementation of SIMRANRailways
19-11-2009Upgradation and Modernisation of AirportsCivil Aviation
27-11-2009Solar Energy GenerationNew And Renewable Energy
27-11-2009Prednisolone for Influenza A H1N1Health And Family Welfare
30-11-2009Indo-US Trade PactCommerce and Industry
07-12-2009New Industrial PolicyCommerce and Industry
09-12-2009Introduction of Nanotechnology Related CoursesHuman Resource Development
18-12-2009Captive Power PlansPower
02-03-2010Committee on PricesConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
02-03-2010Development of Agro and Rural IndustriesMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises
03-03-2010Raising Retirement AgePrime Minister
03-03-2010Review/Revision of Tiger Conservation Schemes/PlansEnvironment and Forests
04-03-2010Social Activities by Oil CompaniesPetroleum and Natural Gas
08-03-2010Hijacking of ShipsShipping
08-03-2010Promotion of IT SectorCommunications and Information Technology
08-03-2010Industrial Manufacturing GrowthCommerce and Industry
09-03-2010Construction of New GodownsConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
10-03-2010E-wasteEnvironment and Forests
11-03-2010Allotment of Petrol Pumps/LPG AgenciesPetroleum and Natural Gas
11-03-2010Contact Zone at IGIACivil Aviation
11-03-2010Production of Crude OilPetroleum and Natural Gas
12-03-2010World Bank Loan Assistance for Urban Sector Projects Under JNNURMUrban Development
15-03-2010Drinking Water SchemesRural Development
15-03-2010Modernisation of Post OfficesCommunications and Information Technology
16-03-2010Funds to NGOs for Various ProgrammesYouth Affairs and Sports
16-03-2010Package for Sick Small Scale IndustriesMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises
19-04-2010Dyslexia and Autism in Disabilities ListSocial Justice and Empowerment
20-04-2010Commodities under ECAConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
20-04-2010National Policy for FarmersAgriculture
20-04-2010Wadhwa Committee on PDSConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
21-04-2010Indo-Maldives Agreement in Renewable Energy SectorExternal Affairs
22-04-2010Price of Petroleum ProductsPetroleum and Natural Gas
26-04-2010Delay in Implementation of MNP ServicesCommunications and Information Technology
26-04-2010Improvement in Telecom ServicesCommunications and Information Technology
27-04-2010Packaged Drinking WaterConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
28-04-2010Effective Implementation of MPLAD SchemeStatistics and Programme Implementation
28-04-2010Semester SystemHuman Resource Development
28-04-2010Biotech Research for Development of New CropsScience and Technology
28-04-2010Agro-Meteorological Advisory ServiceEarth Sciences
29-04-2010Uniform Civil CodeLaw and Justice
05-05-2010Distribution of Water under International LawWater Resources
06-05-2010Accession by Multi-national CompaniesChemicals and Fertilizers
07-05-2010Loans under SGSYFinance
26-07-2010Assistance under ADIPSocial Justice and Empowerment
26-07-2010Auction of 3G and Broadband Wireless ServicesCommunications and Information Technology
27-07-2010Honour KillingsHome Affairs
28-07-2010National Archives of IndiaPrime Minister
28-07-2010Cleaning of River GangaEnvironment and Forests
28-07-2010Union Carbide WasteEnvironment and Forests
29-07-2010Reforms in Judicial SystemLaw and Justice
30-07-2010Cases of Influenza A H1N1Health and Family Welfare
30-07-2010Sale of Expired MedicinesHealth and Family Welfare
30-07-2010Under Construction Power ProjectsPower
02-08-2010Extension of RSBY to MGNREGS WorkersLabour and Employment
03-08-2010Caste Based CensusHome Affairs
03-08-2010Rashtriya Krishi Vikas YojanaAgriculture
03-08-2010Blackmarketing of WheatConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
04-08-2010Encroachments of Monument AreasPrime Minister
05-08-2010Quota for Disabled Persons in CPSUsHeavy Industries and Public Enterprises
06-08-2010Fiscal DeficitFinance
06-08-2010Shortage of Doctors and Para-Medical Staff in Rural AreasHealth and Family Welfare
06-08-2010Garbage Treatment PlantsUrban Development
09-08-2010Provision of Mobile ServicesCommunications and Information Technology
10-08-2010Media FreedomInformation and Broadcasting
11-08-2010Voting Rights to Overseas IndiansOverseas Indian Affairs
11-08-2010Nalanda University BillExternal Affairs
11-08-2010Forest CoverEnvironment and Forests
12-08-2010Rail Projects in KarnatakaRailways
12-08-2010Profit Margin on MedicinesChemicals and Fertilizers
16-08-2010Share of Public Sector Telecom CompaniesCommunications and Information Technology
16-08-2010Assistance for ScholarshipsSocial Justice and Empowerment
20-08-2010Impact on Oil SubsidiesFinance
25-08-2010Implementation of SchemesPrime Minister
26-08-2010Appointment of Handicapped Persons in RailwaysRailways
27-08-2010Supply of CoalPower
12-11-2010Anganwadi WorkersWomen and Child Development
12-11-2010Review of Schemes for Street/ Destitute/OrphanedWomen and Child Development
12-11-2010UNDP Assisted Rural Tourism ProjectsTourism
15-11-2010Setting up of Ship Building UnitsDefence
16-11-2010Survey on Honour KillingHome Affairs
16-11-2010Accidents on NHs and ExpresswaysRoad Transport and Highways
18-11-2010Railway Infrastructure in KarnatakaRailways
18-11-2010Increase in Prices of fertilizersChemicals and Fertilizers
22-11-2010Defence LandsDefence
23-11-2010Sugar MillsConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
23-11-2010Shortage of Storage SpaceConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
29-11-2010Recruitment of SCs in Corporate IndustrySocial Justice and Empowerment
30-11-2010Additional Allocation under PDSConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
01-12-2010National Transport Development PolicyPrime Minister
03-12-2010Data on STs in Corporate IndustryTribal Affairs
07-12-2010Collaboration in Agriculture SectorAgriculture
08-12-2010Twenty Point ProgrammeStatistics and Programme Implementation
08-12-2010Ground Water LevelWater Resources
09-12-2010Introduction of Rail ServicesRailways
10-12-2010Financial Assistance from United NationsWomen and Child Development
13-12-2010Functioning of DGDEDefence
07-03-2011Toll Collection on NHsRoad Transport and Highways
07-03-2011Conservation and Management of WetlandsEnvironment and Forests
07-03-2011Amendment in Indian Forest Act, 1927Environment and Forests
07-03-2011Malnourishment among Children and WomenWomen and Child Development
07-03-2011Environmental Clearance to POSCO PlantEnvironment and Forests
08-03-2011Deployment of School Teachers on Census DutyHome Affairs
09-03-2011Utilisation of SpectrumCommunications and Information Technology
09-03-2011Overcharging by Telephone OperatorsCommunications and Information Technology
10-03-2011Sharing of CostRailways
10-03-2011Irregularities against LPG DistributorsPetroleum and Natural Gas
10-03-2011Ailing CompaniesHeavy Industries and Public Enterprises
11-03-2011Excise Duty on Tobacco ProductsFinance
14-03-2011Automobile Pollution in CitiesEnvironment and Forests
15-03-2011Niacin in SeedsAgriculture
16-03-2011Accidents in AirportsCivil Aviation
16-03-2011Un-utilised EquipmentsCommunications and Information Technology
16-03-2011Lawful Interception and Monitoring SystemCommunications and Information Technology
05-08-2011Nyaya Panchayat BillPanchayati Raj
09-08-2011Improvement in Procurement and StorageConsumer Affairs, Food And Public Distribution
09-08-2011Export of Processed FoodFood Processing Industries
10-08-2011Raising Retirement AgePrime Minister
10-08-2011Jobless India Bound WorkersOverseas Indian Affairs
11-08-2011Scanning and Frisking at StationsRailways
11-08-2011Loss Making PSUsHeavy Industries and Public Enterprises
12-08-2011Sale of Prescription DrugsHealth and Family Welfare
16-08-2011Affordable Houses to AllHousing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
16-08-2011Provision for Parking SpaceHousing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
16-08-2011Wastage of FoodConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
17-08-2011Safety of Nuclear Power PlantsPrime Minister
18-08-2011Safe Drinking WaterDrinking Water and Sanitation
18-08-2011Availability of GasPetroleum and Natural Gas
18-08-2011National Water PolicyWater Resources
19-08-2011Foreign Assistance in Tribal Development ProgrammeTribal Affairs
19-08-2011Panchayat Empowerment and Accountability Incentive Scheme (PEAIS)Panchayati Raj
23-08-2011Special Agriculture ZoneAgriculture
25-08-2011Loan to MSMEMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises
25-08-2011Setting up of PCPIRsChemicals and Fertilizers
29-08-2011Shipbuilding CentreShipping
30-08-2011Food Security ActInformation and Broadcasting
02-09-2011Healthcare Facilities under NRHMPower
05-09-2011Artillery Practices ActDefence
06-09-2011Soil TestingCulture
06-09-2011Funds under SJSRYInformation and Broadcasting
06-09-2011Global Technology for Food Processing SectorHousing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
07-09-2011Restructuring SSCPrime Minister
24-11-2011Pricing of Petroleum ProductsPetroleum and Natural Gas
25-11-2011Opening of Bank BranchesFinance
28-11-2011Environmental Clearance to Lavasa ProjectEnvironment and Forests
28-11-2011Army Helicopter into Pak AirspaceDefence
28-11-2011Labour UnrestLabour and Employment
28-11-2011Construction of ExpresswaysRoad Transport and Highways
28-11-2011FDI in Single BrandCommerce and Industry
29-11-2011Stampede CasesHome Affairs
29-11-2011Agricultural ProductionAgriculture
30-11-2011Mobile Number PortabilityCommunications and Information Technology
01-12-2011New Pension Scheme in PSUsHeavy Industries and Public Enterprises
02-12-2011Death due to MalnutritionHealth and Family Welfare
02-12-2011Allocation of Power to StatesPower
07-12-2011Tele-Density in the CountryCommunications and Information Technology
07-12-2011Targets and Achievements of Eleventh Five Year PlanPrime Minister
08-12-2011Availability and Utilisation of GroundwaterWater Resources
08-12-2011Medical and Emergency Facilities at Railway StationsRailways
08-12-2011Employment in Agro and Rural IndustriesMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises
09-12-2011Request of RailwaysFinance
12-12-2011Review of Textiles PolicyTextiles
12-12-2011Joint Naval Exercise with JapanDefence
12-12-2011Increase in Trade DeficitCommerce and Industry
13-12-2011MoU in Broadcasting SectorInformation and Broadcasting
13-12-2011Metro Train ServicesUrban Development
13-12-2011Job Opportunities in FPIsFood Processing Industries
14-12-2011National Transport Development Policy CommitteePrime Minister
14-12-2011Agreement between India and UAEExternal Affairs
15-12-2011Placements from Law UniversitiesLaw and Justice
16-12-2011Central Electricity Regulatory CommissionFinance
19-12-2011Public use of Defence LandDefence
20-12-2011Functioning of Private FM Radio ChannelsInformation and Broadcasting
13-03-2012Allotment of Houses by DDAUrban Development
13-03-2012Food PricesConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
13-03-2012Use of StadiumYouth Affairs and Sports
13-03-2012Metro Rail ProjectsUrban Development
15-03-2012Prices of Petrol and LPGPetroleum and Natural Gas
19-03-2012Law on Drunken DrivingRoad Transport and Highways
19-03-2012Status of SEZsCommerce and Industry
20-03-2012Per Capita Availability of FoodgrainsAgriculture
20-03-2012Drought Affected StatesAgriculture
21-03-2012Cyber Security CapabilitiesCommunications and Information Technology
22-03-2012Doubling Projects in the CountryRailways
22-03-2012Take overs of Indian Pharmaceutical CompaniesChemicals and Fertilizers
22-03-2012Approach Paper for Safe Drinking WaterDrinking Water and Sanitation
23-03-2012Rehabilitation of Victims of TraffickingWomen and Child Development
23-03-2012Renewable Energy SourcesNew and Renewable Energy
27-03-2012Kidnapping RacketHome Affairs
28-03-2012Exploitation of Indian WorkersOverseas Indian Affairs
29-03-2012Houses Built under IAYRural Development
30-03-2012Foreign Direct Investments in TourismTourism
30-03-2012Orphan/Street/Destitute/Neglected ChildrenWomen and Child Development
30-03-2012Clinical TrialsHealth and Family Welfare
30-03-2012Priority Sector LendingFinance
24-04-2012NDMA Guidelines on DisastersHome Affairs
24-04-2012Digital Addressable Cable TV SystemInformation and Broadcasting
27-04-2012Wind Power ProjectsNew and Renewable Energy
27-04-2012Closure of Banks/Insurance CompaniesFinance
30-04-2012Financial Assistance to Prevent Drug AbuseSocial Justice and Empowerment
30-04-2012Conservation of ForestsEnvironment and Forests
30-04-2012Pollution Norms for IndustriesEnvironment and Forests
03-05-2012Performance under MGNREGSRural Development
07-05-2012Withdrawal of Troops From SiachenDefence
07-05-2012Maternity Benefit Act, 1961Labour and Employment
08-05-2012Sowing of CropsAgriculture
08-05-2012Food Stocks ManagementConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
09-05-2012Reforms in Coal SectorCoal
09-05-2012Bleak Job Prospects in Aviation SectorCivil Aviation
10-05-2012Safe Drinking WaterDrinking Water and Sanitation
11-05-2012Import of EquipmentsHealth and Family Welfare
11-05-2012Clean EnergyNew and Renewable Energy
14-05-2012Allocation of Funds under Disability Act, 1995Social Justice and Empowerment
15-05-2012World Food ProgrammeConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
16-05-2012Cancellation of LicensesCommunications and Information Technology
17-05-2012Growth Rate of Petroleum and Natural Gas SectorPetroleum and Natural Gas



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