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Petrol now costs 81.34

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The new price of regular petrol after the price hike is Rs.81.34 a whopping increase of Rs. 8.25 per litre.

Earlier one litre of petrol in Belgaum was costing Rs.73.09.

The sales tax in form of VAT is the highest in the entire country in Karnataka. The cost of Petrol in Goa after the price increase would be about Rs.61.61 per litre.

0 thoughts on “Petrol now costs 81.34”

  1. No Big Deal!!!!!!!!!
    People were furious when price was Rs.50.00, then again when it was raised to 70.00 and now when it is Rs81+. We will rally against govt, blame ruling party, etc etc. After few days back to normal and get use-to-it.
    The two-wheeler, four-wheeler sales of leading auto companies are always up. It means people still afford this goods at any price.
    Come on wake-up people, instead of blaming govt, start using public transport for travel, reduce fuel usage on unnecessary trip. walk or use bicycles for smaller travel distance.


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