Labour minister Santosh Lad holds series of meetings in Belagavi

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Minister Santhosh Lad has issued instructions to cancel fake labor cards. It has come to our attention that both construction and non-construction workers are fabricating documents to obtain labor cards and falsely registering as beneficiaries to receive various grants. In light of this, the registration of such individuals must be frozen or canceled. Minister Santosh Lad of the Labor Department has directed officials to cease providing any facilities from the board.

This directive was given during a progress review meeting of regional-level department officials held on Wednesday. It is imperative that various applications, including medical facilities, maternity allowances, and marriage allowances for registered workers who have timely applied online, be promptly processed. Minister Lad emphasized the importance of rejecting any ineligible applications that may arise.

Furthermore, it has been discovered that numerous labor cards are fraudulent. Strict instructions have been given to officials to immediately cancel such cards.

District Collector Nitesh Patila has informed us that as 90% of the industrial area is located in Macche, plans have already been made to construct an ESI Hospital on a 2-acre plot of land.

To streamline the process of availing departmental board schemes, it is recommended to establish local offices at the taluk and hobli levels. These offices should be staffed with officers who can efficiently provide workers with the necessary facilities.


Officials from the Labor Department have provided an update on the status of cases registered under the Minimum Wages Act in the Belgaum Regional Division. Currently, there have been 30 cases registered, and these cases are currently in the trial stages. Action will be taken promptly to resolve these cases.

A notice has been issued regarding the disposal of cases related to non-payment of minimum wages. The majority of these cases have been registered in Belgaum Division-1, and unfortunately, none of them have been settled thus far. It is imperative that officials address labor issues and expedite the resolution of these cases without delay. Additionally, in Belgaum Division 2, there has been a surge in cases involving outsourced employees working in government sectors. It is crucial that cases pertaining to the forest department, government hospital, and transport department are promptly resolved.

To obtain information about commercial shops and building constructions, it is advised to approach the District Urban Development Cell and make requests at the level of the District Collector.

Furthermore, it is essential to complete the registration process for various establishments. Small business shops, hotels, and commercial shops operating in the district without the necessary trade license and registration should be inspected, and the registration process should be carried out accordingly. Officials have been instructed to gather information about commercial shops that have electricity connections from the Hescom department and ensure that the registration process is completed by the end of December.

Online registration is now available. In the event of registration refusal, a meeting will be organized with the relevant association to provide information and address any concerns.

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