Launch of Pratibha Poshak 2023 with CSR support from Local Industry

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The second cohort of the Pratibha Poshak Initiative will be launched on Saturday, July 15, 2023, at the College of Teacher Education. Distinguished guests, including Sri MM Sindhur, JD & Principal, CET, Sri Jayant Humberwadi, MD, Ashok Iron Works, Sri RK Patil, CEO, Vayavya Labs, and Sri Ramchandra Mallya, Chairman, Allied Founders, will be present at the event.

This flagship initiative, led by the Rajalakshmi Children Foundation, aims to identify talented students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in the 9th standard. Through a rigorous selection process, these students are chosen and provided with comprehensive support over a period of four years, at a cost of Rs 70,000 per student.

To facilitate their education, the students are equipped with tablets and internet data packs, enabling a combination of digital learning and hands-on experience. Experienced teachers and mentors guide them in subjects such as Science, Mathematics, and Analytical skills. The ultimate goal is to empower these students to pursue higher education in STEM subjects.

The launch on July 15th will benefit 90 students from the Belagavi & Chikkodi education district. Jaybharat Foundation of Ashok Iron Works will sponsor 20 students, while Vayavya Labs and Allied Founders Pvt Ltd, prominent industrial houses in Belagavi, will sponsor 5 students each.


Dr. Ravindra Guruvannavar, MTech, PhD, IIT Mumbai, the founder of Pratibha Poshak, shared that a total of 300 students from 7 districts in North Karnataka will be enrolled this year. The initiative is also receiving support from the Mercatus Centre of George Mason University, USA, through a grant from Emergent Ventures India.

By providing opportunities and resources to talented students from underprivileged backgrounds

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