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While we go on ranting about how much damage has been done to the ecosystem ever since we shifted focus from living to lifestyle and altered the landscape of the city, while the after effects of our deed come to haunt us even in day time with the scorching sun, good old glimpses of the city of Belagavi emerge in its nostalgic brilliance to just remind us of how accommodating Mother Nature can be.

The city has been facing rough temperatures since much before the formal advent of the summer and the inconvenience is overwhelming to say the least. The mercury on an upward spiral is almost intolerable and has prompted us to pause and rethink regarding what needs to be done to restore the old glory to our habitat.

green venugramThe Venugreen Project as it is called, as of now, will be an attempt by people from all walks of life to act with greater responsibility and consideration towards the need for a massive afforestation program, if we may call it so.

The task is quite an uphill one considering the intricacies involved but Mother Nature is showing glimpses as if to encourage us by saying that all is not lost.

A few thousand trees, if not more and the emerging vegetation will take care of the rest. The project is going to require monetary and logistical resource but if we manage to get the people behind us, we will more than just be able to ensure a lush green future in the midst of all the modernness.

The rains yesterday came in as a blessing and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The tender sweet moments spent with family in grabbing our own bites from the heavenly hail served as a reminder of how it could still be. While we get on with our lives and get lost in daily routine, this message is just another call to people across town to reach out and join hands.

We once again, as we would repeatedly be doing, extend the request out to people in town and beyond to join us in our cause.

For details and conceptual contributions, please text or whatsapp your willingness to participate to 9611313919……Do extend the request to friends and relatives.

Let us not leave everything to the benevolence of nature. Let us play our part to the fullest….

Photo Courtesy: Shivaprasad Goudar, Pranjal Prabhutendolkar, Narasinha Joshi, Deshpande

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  1. Totally agree. The present water crisis is just a gentle wake up call of things to come. We cannot really be satisfied with only today. The future looks bleak. Now is the time to act. Kudos to your initiative.


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