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lettertoeditorThis letter is from Brahmanand Chipre.

I really feel hurt to read the story of Dec 08′ edition in Ahimsa Times where wrong or misleading information is been printed. It clearly states that Belgaon is in Maharashtra, while the actual fact is that there is no such decision given by the supreme court where the case of the Belgaum border issue is been running for years. Belgaum is a whole and sole integral part of Karnataka and not a part of Maharastra.

The Statement goes like this:
Six ancient marble idols, presumably belonging to 8th century was found in a house on the 7th August, 2008, while digging foundation. The year engraved on the idol is Mahavir Samvat 1564. Again a short while later, on the 24th August, another 5 marble idols all the idols appear to be of Digambar Jain faith. The idols have been placed in the office of Taluka Tahsildar, so that the visitors can have their glimpse. The followers of Digambar sect took out a procession and demanded that all the idols be handed over to them.”
[Source:]Brahmanand Chipre


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Kindly correct the statement in the next edition as it may hurt the sentiments of the Kannada locals staying in Belgaum as well as Karnataka.
Also the place where the idols were found was in Raybagh Taluka of Belgaum District in Karnataka.

Slide show of images of idols found there. Taken by  Brahmanand Chipre

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