Limbo skating to generate awareness regarding global warming

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Global warming is an overall increase in the temperature of the earth owing to the accumulating pollution across the globe. Industrialization and urbanization are major contributors to this problem. Owing to global warming, the weather is getting unpredictable. Unseasonal rains, excessively hot summers and exceedingly cold winters the outcome of the fact that the so called human progress has upset the balance in nature. One issue of particular concern is the fast reducing forest cover. As we continue to take down large trees and clear forests to accommodate human needs, things will only get worse.Limbo skating to generate awareness regarding global warming Limbo skating to generate awareness regarding global warming

The Belgaum Roller Skating Academy is committed to nurturing talented sports persons and in using sports as a medium for social change. In order to generate an awareness regarding the issue of global warming and to make citizens sensitive to this issue which demands immediate attention, they are organizing a unique show on 13th June 2015 at 10 AM at KLE Society’s Skating Rink, Lingaraj College Campus, Belagavi. As part of the show, three dynamic Limbo Skaters, Karuna Waghela (age 7 yrs, Divine Providence School), Apoorva Pogtyanatti ( Age 6 years, St. German School) and Joshita Chandrashekhar( Age 5 years, Bai Kabbibai Balvatika School) will be passing under 2015 bars fitted 9 inches above the ground and spread over 2015 feet in length.

Citizens of Belagavi are invited to join in the cause as we seek to make sports a vehicle for creating awareness regarding the need for afforestation and control of pollution in an attempt to control the ever growing problem of Global Warming.

The event is supported by Unique Sporting Academy, Saytrees (NGO), Giants Group of Belgaum Parivar, Rotary Corporation Sports Academy, Swimmers Club Belgaum, Aquarius Club Belgaum, Rotary Club of Venugram, Kolhapur Kanya Mandal.

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