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Mah says make UT Ktk says chapter closed

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Maharashtra government on Thursday demanded that Belgaum district be declared a union territory until the issue is settled in the Supreme court. In response to this the newly chosen Chief minister of Karnataka Shettar in his maiden press conference said that  the Belgaum region belongs to his state and that the chapter has been closed.

Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan moved the resolution, which condemned the “unconstitutional and unjustifiable” decision of Karnataka government to dissolve Belgaum civic body despite a court stay. The resolution was adopted unanimously.

Shettar said that Marathis living in Karnataka are the happiest lot compared to their counterparts in other states (other than Maharashtra).


20 thoughts on “Mah says make UT Ktk says chapter closed”

  1. Now when they have realized that Belgaum cannot got to Mah they want to make it UT….end of the day the intention is just to break and divide the people for own benefits.

  2. Belgaum is radically was a kannada region,it is a Kannada region & also in future it will be a kannada region.There were no Kannada schools before ie:- pre independence but only Marathi & some English medium schools. Due to this Marathi has got more prominence. In case of many of our relatives the wife & Husband were conversing in Kannada ,while with their children they conversed in Marathi. I remember in my child hood days ,The Marathi people used to look down on we Kannadigas. The same was the case in South where Tamilians , Bengali in east & Punjabis in the North considered themselves superior. The reason was there were only four imajor cities ie:- Bombay (Mumbai),Calcutta (kolkata),Delhi,Madras (chennai). It is the fault of our kannada ancestors that no one took pains to start Kannada medium schools during the pre-independence era.

  3. Maharastra as on date is not able to manage itself. it is buckling under its own weight like Andhra pradesh . Now imagine the fate of Maharashtra ,if Belgaum is attached to it.

  4. Maharastra is becoming unmanageable due to its vastness and is buckling under its own weight.Let us imagine the fate of Maharastra if belgaum is attached to it.

  5. I think we should ahead. Shetter the New Chief minister of Karnataka in his maiden press conference said that the Belgaum region belongs to his state and that the chapter has been closed. Sir now that the chapter is closed please develop the city more and have frequent visits here and tighten the screws towards development.

  6. Marathi-speaking people constituted only a quarter of Mumbai’s population. if there is any city that deserved to be declared a Union Territory, it was Mumbai and not Belgaum

  7. I think its better made an union territory, reasons:
    It will be in central rule,
    It will have cheaper fuels,
    No state taxes,
    Direct implement of central projects,
    will be inducted with a lt governor and have its own chief minister, more projects, faster development..
    For.. Look at Pondicherry, Chandigarh, Delhi and even Goa state which once was an UT.. the development is way beyond the thoughts..
    I support it, let it be an Union territory and be more developed and more better,..
    For all know if the case is in supreme court, it will take another 40 years.. so untill then.. let it be UT and be super and hyper developed in all means…

    • If Karnataka Govt is not showing the development interest for Belgaum then better to support it as UT. We bother about development not any languages….

  8. Hey Uday please disable the comment session….. And guys who are supporting the MH claims , first think of the city’s growth rather than indulging in blame game.. Uday it would be better to write development related articles so that the public becomes aware of things like the local MLA , MP what they are doing which you are doing…. That would make more sense


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