Mahant Vakkund Criticizes Imposition of Imported Candidate on Belagavi: Calls for Local Representation

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Mahant Vakkund, the BJP District Vice President of Belagavi Mahanagar, has taken to social media to express his discontent regarding the imposition of an outsider candidate on Belagavi. In a series of posts, he articulated his concerns and raised pertinent questions about representation and decision-making processes.

“I do not agree with the inclusion of outsiders over Belagavi,” stated Mahant Vakkund, emphasizing the importance of local involvement in projects that deeply resonate with the emotions of the people. He stressed the need for individuals who can truly understand and reflect the aspirations of the local populace. However, he lamented that even for someone well-versed with the pulse of the nation, achieving this connection is immensely challenging.

Addressing the issue of external imposition, Mahant Vakkund questioned whether local workers should solely serve the interests of a political party. He highlighted the lack of representation and voiced concerns about justice for the Marathi-speaking voters and the rural populace of Belagavi in the decision-making process.

“Great leaders engage in big negotiations and deals,” remarked Mahant Vakkund, pointing out the persuasive tactics employed by leaders to sway political adversaries and secure their allegiance. He questioned the subservient attitude adopted by locals, likening it to the acceptance of whatever is dictated, reminiscent of the ideology of elders within the party.

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Reflecting on the opportunities extended to individuals returning to the party from the opposition, Mahant Vakkund advocated for the equitable distribution of opportunities within the domain, emphasizing the importance of ethical rights in competing against self-serving decisions.

During the challenging times of the pandemic, Mahant Vakkund raised questions about the relocation of resources and opportunities away from Belagavi, underscoring the need for accountability and justice in resource allocation.

Looking back at the blessings bestowed upon the Angadi family by the Mahajana Samaj five years ago, Mahant Vakkund highlighted the disconnect between past support and current decisions, questioning the silence regarding the next MP from the district.

Mahant Vakkund reiterated his commitment to the welfare of the people of Belagavi, emphasizing that true leadership stems from genuine care and concern for the constituents, rather than external impositions.


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