Man held for taking photos of Belagavi Airport


Mohamad Bin Hussain Kureshi aged 22 was arrested by the Marihal Police Station for suspected treason, including disseminating key information to anti-national elements, while he was taking pictures of Sambra airport and the neighboring defense establishments here such as the Air force base and the planned Airforce Radar station in Sulebhavi.

Belgaum Airport Terminal
Man arrested by Belagavi Police for treason
Man arrested by Belagavi Police for treason

He was seen suspiciously moving around the Sambra airport clicking photos and videos when the police nabbed him and investigated further to find out that he also had the mobile had similar images and videos of Hubballi Airport and also that of Hubballi Railway station. Sources say the videos may be part of a recce exercise which the police have not confirmed.
The suspect has been given police custody where he is being interrogated.



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