Man trying to Chase Elephant killed

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A 50-year-old villager was killed by an Elephant in an incident after group of villagers along with forest department team were attempting to drive a heard of wild elephants back in jungles, near Bamankoppa village of Khanapur taluk in the late hours of Saturday.

The incident happened when Vasudev Bramanekar, 48, of Bommankopp village, along with fellow villagers and forest officials, tried to chase the elephant herd away. Before forest department officials could act, residents of Nagaragali and nearby villages beat drums, burst firecrackers and screamed to chase the herd away.

A female elephant, agitated over the commotion created by the villagers, sent out signals of charging towards the villagers.

Forest department officials instructed the villagers to flee the scene. The villagers returned to the village but realized that Vasudev was missing. The villagers entered the forest area against with two forest guards, only to find Vasudev dead.

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