Mangala Angadi visits Belagavi Airport discusses new routes, FTO, ILS etc

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Member of parliament Belagavi Smt. Mangala Suresh Angadi visited the Airport on 01.09.22 to discuss the various issues like new sectors, progress of FTO works, ILS, Land issues, damaged Sambra-Basarikatti road outside the operational compound wall, village thoroughfares etc.,

Airport Director presented the brief of the Airport, passenger traffic growth and number of sectors operating from this Airport, Cargo movements and many projects are in progress and planned in future. The following points were discussed in the meeting and at the site.

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  1. New sectors from Belagavi Airport like Mysuru, Bengaluru, Chennai, Varanasi etc. Hon’ble MP (LS) discussed this matter with Station Manager, of M/s. Spicejet, Indigo & Star Air and start of morning Bengaluru flight from Belagavi
  2. Meeting with the Govt., officials of Horticulture Dept., Agriculture Dept., Chamber of commerce and other entities of Belagavi as Belagavi considered at Krishi Udan 2.
  3. Hon’ble MP (LS) madam, visited the location of damaged & washed out Sambra-Basarikatti road during flood in 2019 and requested to restore the same for the safety & security of the airport.
  1. Madam, visited ILS site, ENS Incharge explained the function of ILS. The infrastructure of ILS has been completed and it will be commissioned at the earliest. ite.
  2. Madam visited FTO site. Representative of M/s. Red Bird welcomed the madam with shawl and flower bouquet. Airport Director presented the brief of the FTO works, which are in progress by M/s. Red Bird and M/s. Samvardhane. The work is hampered due to monsoon. Hon’ble MP (LS) madam directed the two FTOS to start their operation by Nov-22 positively.
  3. Madam, also visited the eastern side of the airport to see the village thoroughfares and Airport Director explained that diversion of these thoroughfares/roads are very much essential for installation of CAT-1 lighting system.
  4. Finally, madam visited the location where village road crossing the main Airport road from State Highway to the Terminal Building. The diversion of this road very much essential to avoid any incident at the point of collision. This is long pending issue and requested to resolve this issue for better safety & security of the Airport.

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  1. Respected Madam, just have a glance on Cantonment Board Belgaum (the jungle raj department ). Belgaum No 1 corrupted department. Innocent and honest taxpayers are suffering. Under Ides officer CEO k.anand, superintendent talukar and assistant engineer Satish mannurkar. It’s just like Monopoly Policy. Madam our country is a Democracy country but still in this department jungle raj is there. Due to some corrupted officers. Madam I can prove it 100% . Madam please do something.

  2. Looks like some well trained govt person wrote the minutes. You can still see the “burden” of British rule ” Madam” appearing throughout the report.. she is elected MP and a commoner like all of us. Use of Smt. Just once is more than required salutations.

  3. Madam just have a glance in Belgaum Cantonment Board (the jungle raj department). Comes under CEO k.anand, superintendent talukar and assistant engineer Satish mannurkar. Innocent and honest taxpayers are suffering because of such corrupted officers. Madam please do something.


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