Tech Meet-up to foster a robust business ecosystem in Belagavi

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Belagavi region has seen a spurt of growth in entrepreneurship and the technology sector. In light of the city’s colossal spread, it has become difficult to even know about many of these start-ups and businesses.

The Belagavi Tech Meet-up is the brainchild of a few tech entrepreneurs led by R.K. Patil of Vayavya Labs and bolstered by efforts from Hitesh Dharamdasani of Informant Networks, Uday Kinjawdekar of and Amey Kadle of Ajinkya Technologies.

This informal meet-up was the first time hundreds of entrepreneurs, tech investors, start-up founders, and like-minded people come together. The key premise is that people come to know each other and their work and could then leverage their shared ideas and strengths from there.

1200+ employees directly employed under Tech companies in Belagavi

Total Revenue of IT Companies located in the Belagavi region is more than 350 Crores

In short, it is a platform to introduce some amazing work by the Belagavi people, firstly to each other and then to the world.

Around 300+ Tech entrepreneurs from all fields of technology made their presence felt at Shagun Garden on Saturday evening.

All were amazed to see the entrepreneurship spirits high amongst all the attendees.

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With over 600+ registrations and a turnout of 327, the first Belagavi Tech meetup ended on a note that, this kind of session will boost the local business, and also the talent will get more exposure.

Entrepreneurs with the Belagavi connect as far as the United Kingdom, Odisha, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Mangaluru, Hubballi, and Kolhapur etc made their presence felt.

This Tech Meet-Up aimed to foster new bonds among people with ideas, those with the know-how, those with funds, and those who can string all the above so that the business ecosystem flourishes and produces more job creators.

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The Belagavi region is home to some of the best educational institutions in India but has been left asking for more when it comes to a formal robust business ecosystem. This meet-up aimed to bridge this gap between the doers and their amazing tasks.

3 thoughts on “Tech Meet-up to foster a robust business ecosystem in Belagavi”

  1. I myself was witness of this event and it was very nice event to know each other’s strength and what they do. Such events should happen more offen. So that all entrepreneurs will get more conference what they have now.

    Me too have started my own company in 2016 firm called Accu-Square Design and Toolings with strength of 2 employees (me and one employees). Today we are total 16 members in my company.

    My company gives Design and manufacturing Solutions all home appliances, automobile industries and Aerospace companies.

    Over all it was a very successful event.

  2. It was great evening where young entrepreneurs who have seen potential in Belagavi and started from scratch and their enthusiasm makes them legendary
    It helped me to get connected to various companies and great opportunities keep organizing such events in future
    All the best and good going

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    MOB: 8497866000


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