Trees in Belagavi-Past, Present, Future

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Who wants trees any more? No one seems to do and for hundreds of reasons. Let’s see what they say:

  1. Trees obstruct construction of roads and pavements and we want a Smart City
  2. Trees destroy foundations of buildings
  3. Trees topple in strong winds or branches break and the branches cause short circuits, thus endangering human lives
  4. Trees are home for bats and I hate bats, not to mention the bird droppings that are disgusting
  5. Trees hamper the looks of newly constructed and newly painted homes
  6. Trees cause leaf litter which is a nuisance

Every one seems to have a different reason or rather an excuse, more so, the so called educated folk. Which is really sad!!

And so, although we all talk of their importance, most of us don’t want trees near our houses.

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Trees have always been an integral part of our living spaces. From good old times we have always valued the Banyan, Peepal, Mango, Jackfruit, Neem, etc for their shade, the chirping of the birds and for their fruits and even leaves. They are also wonderful carbon sinks, they harvest rain water and take it to the depths and mitigate all sorts of pollution. They are also wonderful for our mental health.

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But given the rapid urbanization, conserving and planting trees is no longer within our both official and unofficial plans. Sadly this has resulted in the Urban Heat Island effect which has an adverse effect on the weather in the city.

Trees are as essential as our roads, our pavements and all our infrastructural needs. If we put our heads, thoughts and efforts together, things can be planned in a much better way to achieve a coexistence which is beneficial to both sides.

We need to plant the right trees in the right spaces in the right manner.

Green Saviours Association has been working on this for 330 consecutive weeks. We believe that a definite balance and climate reversal is possible if every one works for the cause. We can do a world of good if we plant a couple of lakh trees of different sorts in the city.

Let us hope that this appeal prompts more people to understand and join. And do invite us for a conversation because there is more to share and talk about.

There is an alarming decrease in the vegetation in Belagavi.
May better sense prevail!!

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