Many Vehicle number plates are Forged Alleges activist

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After the instillation of the CCTV at various circles atleast 200 notices are being sent to the violators for different visitations, but Adv Harshavardhan Patil has alleged that many of the vehicles have Forged or WRONG number plates and due to this the person who has nothing to do with the violation has to bear the cost of remitting the fine of Rs.100.

Speaking at a press conference he said mistakes are bound to happen but not so many.

In many cases summons have been sent to the address of the registered owners name for not wearing helmet but the vehicle capture of the CCTV is entirely different.

See the CCTV capture shows a Bike where actually it is a Scooty


Like one has a Activa but the CCTV capture shows a Hero Honda Splendor and so on.

Adv Patil has asked the police to look into false number plates issue and has requested the department to reverify such incidents.

The police will have to find out why this is happening, is the RTO at fault or are these Forged number plates.

What if there is a crime and we report the number and if it is also forged like this the registered owner of the vehicle will be in trouble for no fault of his.

In case anyone has faced a similar one can Call Advocate Harshavardhan and get assistance on 96111 44479.

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