Heera Panna style shopping complex at APMC/ Azam Nagar

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The city of Belagavi is all set to get a new shopping destination, if we can call it so, a Heera Panna style shopping complex of 200 shops is planned and in the first phase 100 shops will be built at APMC/ Azam Nagar.

Feroz Saith, MLA Belagavi North inaugurated the work on Friday. The said shops are being built using the CMs special grants close to 2 crore is being used to construct this in the first phase.


The shops will have escalators will make this shopping Center one of a kind in Belagavi that can cater to all sorts of fashion stores, technology stores and many more everyday go to stores, said MLA Saith.

Based on the lines of the Heera Panna shopping Center in Mumbai this will be a mega attraction for the residents of the city. I urge the youth to take full advantage of this project that will not only generate employment for many but also give you an opportunity to use one of these shops for your business.

In October, 2012 we had posted a story , 153 new shops to be built by corporation on APMC road we believe the current shops are part of the same plan and are being executed after 5 years of planning which only the planners and the executors can reply to.

So how is that after 5 years this is being built now, nothing new elections are nearing….

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