Marriages are made in heaven-registration at office

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This is marriage season and all arrangements are done, but more often than not, many don’t bother to register their marriages. Registration of marriage is very essential legally. But most of them say who will go, where the office, we got married just today, we will go after our honeymoon etc etc is so here are a few answers to it.
All those who have not registered their marriages yet kindly do that.
The entire procedure is very simple as explained in these links. The touts/agents and corrupt officials may demand anywhere between Rs 300 to Rs 1000 for the same. But follow the procedure given here and avoid corruption.
Complete info for marriage registration in Karnataka.
The application form fee is Rs. 5 and the certificate cost is Rs. 10. In addition they charge Rs. 90 as “scanning charges”.
Marriage registration complete info and procedure
Contact details of Sub-registrars in Karnataka
Belgaum office address:
District Registrar, Registrar of Societies and Registrar of Firms, Belgaum, Near D.C. Office, Belgaum -590 103. Phone: 0831-2428620.
Sub Registrar office: Belgaum, Court Compound, and Belgaum 590001 Phone: 0831-2 425860
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5 thoughts on “Marriages are made in heaven-registration at office”

  1. This Article looks good only on paper…the ground reality is that the Sub Registrator office is full of crooks who make life difficult if not money is given to them to get things done in a swift way.

    This Article is not for the Masses! It just gives a feel good factor, thats all..

  2. Dear Vineet what you say abt registrar’s ofc is true. THe procedure is simple and complete guidelines are available so why fall prey to those corrupt pests there?? get your work done without the bribe.


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