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Maruti Galli back to square one

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After all the hype and the removal of encroachments by the city corporation Belagavi, Maruti Galli to be no hawkers zone was decided in January 2017. Just in a months time all is back to square one with parking on both sides and hawkers back to business.

The traders in the street did meet for a week and implmented the proper parking and no hawkers were allowed with the help of the police, but as soon the police disappeared all is back to square one.

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Parking is done on both the sides when it has to according to odd and even dates on each side. The hawkers are back standing infront of the parked vehicles making the road smaller.

Hawkers zone behind Kaveri Cold drink and Chitra Theater, is still on paper only and only the Almighty can confirm whether this will actually happen in reality or is it a dream.

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