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Maxi Cabs Tempos banned entry into city limits

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The Commissioner of Police has released a note which states and bans all Maxi cabs/Passenger tempos from entering City limits and if they enter would be penalized.Maxi cab owners ta Sardars ground Belagavi

There are hundreds of Tempos which get in people from Rural areas to the city and vice versa but now they will have to alight and take the tempos from designated spots only.

Tempos coming from Khanapur, Macche, Peeranwadi will stop at Military Mahadev and detour from Globe circle towards Military Hospital.

Vehicles from Ganeshpur, Rakaskop, Belgundi will stop at Military Farm.

Tempos from Hindalga, Sawantwadi must come via Argan Talav and then stop at Militarily farm.

The New KLES hospital is the last entry point for Vehicles coming from Yellur.

Parsi Graveyard will be the last stop for vehicles from Kangrali

Dharmanath Bhavan is the last stop for vehicles from Kanbargi, Gokak Road.

HESCOM office is last stop from tempos coming from Yamkanmardi. Kakati.

With the implementation of this there will be some discipline and easing of traffic but at the same the commuters who use this are facing a hard time to come to the city.

As the tempos are stopped outside the main city area they will have to make use of Autos or other means to reach their destination.

At the same time the police must ensure that the Autos run by meter and even if the police checking and even putting fines daily effective implementation of autos is not seen. Not even 5% of the autos run as per the meter.
This was a major demand of the Auto drivers that this traffic of Tempos must be banned and now that it is banned Police must take firm action against the Auto drivers if they fail to take fare by meter. Just checking and imposing fines is not good, police must stop at auto stands and make people sit in the auto and see that the fare is paid by meter as is done in other cities.

The Maxi cab drivers yesterday protested against this entry ban and said they would intensify their protest of they are not allowed into city limits.

2 thoughts on “Maxi Cabs Tempos banned entry into city limits”

  1. Good move to curb traffic in the city. Also it would be little difficult for the people till they get adjusted, once this is strictly done they will get used to it. And now this is done Auto’s in the city should and must run on meter which would help people at large.

  2. This is called FOOLISHNESS ( to ban completely).
    First of all tell me is there any ONE disciplined road in Belgaum city which is wide enough to accumulate Peddlers,2wheelers,3wheelers,4wheelers ??? is there any Lane discipline maintained by the persons driving the vehicles ??? Come on guys (Law & Order, Municipality, etc Govt departments) with an appropriate solution and a fair PLAN which is good for everyone. We are living in an advanced technology generation not in the old days. Here everyone needs to get survived by earning their living hood. We just can’t snatch one persons bread to make another person satisfy. Just see the other developed cities in our country where a perfect Planning works. Do you think banning this is a solution?? No not at all. At the end it’s the Public who is suffering. This kind of things doesn’t work at all. There are more commuters coming to Belgaum via these Maxi cabs & Tempos & restricting their entry will definitely affect them.
    You have to come with a solution for both the Auto Rickshaw & Maxi cab & Tempo professionals.
    Further if you ban the Maxi cab & Tempo professionals go on strike & the situation will become worse and clashes may erupt between Auto Rickshaw & tempo personnel.
    My Sincere advice to the authorities:
    1. The first thing is stop your authorities from taking bribe from the drivers irrespective whether Auto Rickshaw / Maxi cab tempo drivers. 80% of traffic blockade happens due to this. They just take bribe & give way for the drivers to follow wrong methods.
    2. If the Auto Rickshaw don’t want to run on meters then Set up a meeting with Auto Rickshaw union and & co-ordinate with them in preparing a standard Auto fare table(which is fair for the auto drivers as well as for public) for various destinations. This shall be applicable to all commuters & no question of bargaining and no question of meter.
    3. Set up a meeting with the Maxi cabs & Tempos and advice them to follow proper rules so that there is no traffic blockade in the city. Tell them to follow proper lane rules & specific proper parking areas. And if found violated then strictly implement fine on them. Don’t take bribe and let them go.
    4. For people driving their own private vehicles 2 / 4 wheelers, the authorities to strictly implement rules even on them as they are also the major cause for traffic problem. Irrespective whether it is any vehicle of any Govt department / Ministers.

    We all should come with a proper solution but not with any such banning things which creates situation worst.
    Hope we all Belgaumites understand the necessity for development of our city in a proper way & the responsibility of every individual in developing it


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