A Familiar Path, a Familiar Fate

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by Sameer Majli

Welcome again to the tales of my heart. Thanks for being patient readers of expressions that are as much yours as mine. While the response has been satisfying and at times even inspiring,  the comments over my name were largely uncalled for. I am Belagavi aka Belgaum or even Venugram; thats just nomenclature but I guess what’s more important is the fact that you consider me home and share the joys and pains that befall all of us. I would like to appeal that you focus on the little tale rather than indulge in petty squabbles over what I should be called.

A walk down the familiar path is another experience that we have all been witness to. The clearing of spaces at Tilakwadi has been accomplished in parts and I think there are some demolitions still left unattended on account of the lack of relevant clearances. The dust of the destruction has settled down on the mangled remains of the exercise and previously glorious settlements have had their beauty marred by the so-called developmental deed. The houses look strangely orphaned with their protective compound walls being taken down and the gardens have plants and trees lying in various forms of a cruel mutilation of sorts. The human machines have left behind some shockingly inhuman scenes.

Khanapur Raod Photo Natesh Shahane
Photo: Dipen Shah

A solitary fountain that once had a wonderful sprinkle to boast of, stands in the midst of its ruined garden looking rather desolately at the impeding fate. A favourite spot for hot cups of tea for the morning walkers has been smashed to the dust and shares its fate with other remnants of erstwhile pleasuresome human habitats and indulgences. Twisted remains of steel that were once proud support to human dwellings await the process of being dumped onto a transport to make their way to the scrapyard. Columns of cement and brick that once were architectural accomplishments are now lying across the soil in absolute agony and soon will be taken for offloading at a convenient space since utility is no longer a trait associated with them.

A fruit vendor is looking for a new place to occupy; the lady who has been selling vegetables on the road for almost ages is looking around for spaces of convenience that would attract attention towards her wares. The barber, the flower seller, newspaper stand owner and several others who cannot afford the shift to plusher alternatives are more than skeptical about the fate that awaits them. Maybe they too had been forewarned but unlike their prosperous peers, they find it difficult to plan for times beyond tomorrow. The inconvenience is evident and saddening.

The furore around and about the deed seems to have died down and the once voiced discontent now simmers within the souls of the victims. The deed has been done and it was, like they say, for a cause, but suddenly, patience of an exceedingly superlative degree has set in. The files and quotations will stagnate around in administrative offices and who knowns when the well carpeted new road will see the light of the day. The newly sculpted path with remnants of the deed will soon become a familiar sight and we will all take it in our stride.

Strange are the ways of the human ability to accommodate. A once familiar walk on a well structured path will soon include the elements of evident ruin and we will continue to live having made peace with the fact that the plan for the clearing was urgently executed but the time for the cleaning and the refurnishing will continue to be subject to the whims of those that officially matter. The rest of us, including me, your own Belagavi aka Belgaum, erstwhile Venugram,  are just matter!!!

History repeats, often because we allow it to do so. A Familiar path and a Familiar Fate!! Will there ever be some true and all inclusive change??

About the Author: Sameer Majli is Chief Mentor at Stratmen -Strategic Mentoring Solutions, an initiative engaged in facilitating near perfect education and learning.

7 thoughts on “A Familiar Path, a Familiar Fate”

  1. We all are very sensitive and sentimental about this part of Khanapur road.This building belongs to Dr.Ginde(Krishna -Kunj).This bunglow disperses an unique divinity.(This is my perception)In future we may see a commercial complex,apartment etc. at this location.Nothing is permanent.Thanks a lot ,Mr Natesh Shahane and Dipen Shah for these wonderful photos.Btw,Mr.Shahane,R u related to the famous,old “Shahane,s mess”?Let me know.

  2. We all are very sentimental,sensitive about this part of Khanapur road.This bunglow belongs to Dr.Moti Ginde.(Krishna -Kunj)Krishna -Kunj has its own divine beauty.(This is my perception!)In future we may see a commercial complex at this location.Nothing is permanent.Thanks a lot,Natesh Shahane and Dipen Shah for these wonderful photographs.Btw,Mr.Shahane,R u related with the old,great “Shahane,s Mess”?

  3. This is “Krishna kunj “.Dr. Ginde’s home.Beauty of the house has reduced because of the compound

  4. How can I forget this place where I have lived. At the vidyarthi vasati grih. Students hostel facility created by the gigte family.
    It could be a heritage structure.

  5. This landmark bungalow was built in early 20 th century by Shri Rambhau Ginde, father of famous Physician Dr. V. R. Ginde , who along with Dr. Jirage was running a hospital in Khadebaajaar.


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