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Meet the Sapling hunters

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Each one has read those stories of hunters who ventured into the forests and killed animals for pleasure or need, and now have we have these new breed of Sapling Hunters, yes they are professional hunters who hunt for Saplings.

These Sapling hunters are from the team Green Saviours, have vowed to make this place more greener and better for the generations to come.

Today the bunch of Green Saviours went Sapling hunting in Bhagyanagar and adjoining areas. Over 200 saplings were harvested from roadsides and shifted into bags. While they found the usual Albizia saman (Rain Tree) Ficus racemosa(Cluster Fig/Indian Fig Tree) and Syzygium cumini(Jambool Tree), the greatest joy was in finding Millingtonia hortensis (Gagan Mallige/ Indian Jasmine tree) and Ceiba pentandra (White Silk Cotton Tree).
The streets of Belagavi hold a rich treasure waiting to be tapped and we plan to convert these saplings into members of our own nursery.

sapling-hunters1Each of these saplings will now be nurtured and after it achieves a particular growth they all would re-bagged into bigger ones later so that they can be used for plantations.

They aim to have an in-house stock of over 1500 saplings, plan to have 10,000 saplings. 

Every Sunday the Green Saviours team meet and carry our either maintenance of the earlier planted trees or go sapling hunting or re-bag the grown saplings.

The Green Saviours team has planted over 8500 trees across 85 consecutive Sundays and will continue their work across the year. Building their own inventory is part of their future endeavour to accomplish larger plantations of native trees, especially fruiting trees in and around the city.

Green Saviours is also Seeking plantation sites and opportunities in and around Belagavi to create little green breathing spaces. Site preparation to make a Mini Forest by the Miyawaki method is an elaborate effort and now the team is quite acquainted with the process.

To join the Green Saviours initiative, please contact 9611313919 or email [email protected]

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  1. Hats off to you guys. You all are doing a great job even by devoting your precious time on a Sunday. Mother Nature will surely bless you all. Keep the good work going….


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