Woman killed in an accident on College road


Smita Gajanan Jadhav (45) resident of Bhadkal galli was killed in an accident on college road near Hotel Sanman. Her husband is seriously injured.

The accident occurred at around 1 AM while the bike was coming from Rani Chennama Circle towards Dharmveer Sambhaji Circle and while turning near the Hotel Sanman a car hit their bike and both the rider and the pillion fell down.

smitaSmita was seriously wounded with head injuries and both were shifted to hospital but Smita succumbed to her injuries during treatment.



  1. Deep Condolences to their Families
    please take care of your childrens in morning while going to schools collages because we observe heavy vehicle they drive very rash. i request administration as well as public to take care of every life. in belgaum people should form one NGO to educate public about traffic rules each and every think we should not expect for govt.

  2. RIP. Children lost their mother. Husband lost his wife. Too sad, such big loss. Always remember rider and the passenger both should wear helmets, no matter what the weather is. As someone said, people by mobile phone shield but they don’t buy helmet to shield their heads. Very unfortunate.

  3. Speed breaker or any alternative arrangement is urgently needed on double road near Railnagar bus stop. We see regularly two wheeler riders falling while negotiating a big curve here. Some times we see 6-7 bikes loosing balance and falling on the same day. Also Authorities should take note of children riding the two wheeler and try to stop this. This may be dangerous to both the rider and people on the road.

  4. Deep Condolences to their Families !!
    Hope the Authorities lean from such incidents & Plan whatever they are Planning for “SMART CITY” in a better way, so that it wont repeats again with anyone.

  5. People buy screen guards for their mobile phones which has gorilla glass 5 but never think of buying and using a good quality full face helmet. My heart reaches out to her kids and family! May god give them strength.

  6. BELGAUM police please wake up.
    In the past I had commented about autos plying without RTO registration number.In case of any untoward incidents how to complain against such autos. How come.they are permitted to ply without registration. Will the police wake up only after any incident like kidnapping, rape takes place in such unregistered autos.They fleece the passengers, refuse to ply on some routes, behave rudely, taunt us.How to complain against such unregistered autos.

  7. It is amply clear that. The authorities had not taken a y measures to have a speed breakers on either sides of the roads vizier. One opposite to Swamy bakery and on the other side just before Sanman Hotel. This will prevent accidents in future. Similarly riders should be heavily penalised for not wearing helmets.

    • I agree speed breakers need to be made at every crossings to avoid such accidents again. Govt should take this initiative.

  8. During night hours this crossing on college road towards Sanman hotel should be closed after the duties of traffic police . Which is the most dangerous zone .


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