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by Sameer Majli

It was a starry winter night

I tried to settle down

Soft music flowed, the scenes were bright

At Taj, my lovely crown.

Folks gathered sharing tales of fun

Unaware of the savage game

Unaware of the approaching gun

With bullets that had their name.

mumbai terror attack
Photo courtesy internet

The sweet melody of the joyous song

Was strangled when the fire did start

Each bullet that hit the noble souls

Went straight right through my heart

Death walked in through the open door.

The blasts set things on fire

The innocent lives that hit the floor

Were struggling to respire

What demons were these that tread my heart?

That shattered my lovely dream

Only cruelty, a breed apart

Would enjoy a deathly scream

The aggression was soon cut short

But the scars are here to stay

The wounds I carry are in my heart

I feel the pain each day.

It was my children that bit the dust

Belief in man was killed

What died that day was human trust

The gap can never be filled.

On the occasion of the 9th anniversary Lets pay tribute to the martyrs.

Even as we pay tributes to the martyrs the sole terrorist captured is still alive. We all should pray that he should be hanged as early as possible.

A small slide show made by Belgaum based Sagar Patil & Pravaah Pictures. The video on the internet only and it was ranked as the Best Video of the Day on Youtube India in Nov 2008.

4 thoughts on “ODE TO MUMBAI”

  1. my blood stil boils when i remembr this incident…. hw cn v forget our brave men who sacrificed thier lives for us…… plz if god exists….. plz tel him to stop this killing spree……

  2. The Morning:
    Based on 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist Attack
    To all Indians, Friends.. We all dream for one new morning.. One new sunshine, that will bring peace to entire human kind.
    A new life, without terror.

    Please watch this video and spread this to maximum possible Indians.

    Music & Vocals: Sagar Patil
    Poem: Saurabh Pathak
    Compiller: Saurabh S.



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