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Meters for auto will be compulsory in Belgaum ?

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But the Authorities and the citizens opposed any more postponement of the implementation of the fares by meter.
Finally it was decided to implement the auto fare by meter from July 15, 2013.

Also suggestions were made to disclose the tariff rates at auto stands. Auto associations demanded more fare as the prices of LPG have been increased and also demanded a fare revision every 6 months.

So currently if this is implemented the prices would be as follows:

First 2 kms – Rs. 20 Minimum fare

Above 2 Kms – Rs. 9 per km.

Citizens are now happy with this decision and it would be a boon for the city. However the need to have all the auto meters re-calibrated and RTO has to put a sticker on the meter mentioning the date, else we will end up going no where.

Auto Fares else where:

Bangalore: Minimum fare: Rs.20 for 1.8 Kms and Rs.11/km after that

Mumbai: Minimum fare: Rs.15 for 1.5 Kms and Rs.10/km after that

Pune: Minimum fare: Rs.11 for 1 Km and Rs.10/km after that

Mysore: Minimum fare: Rs.20 for 2 Kms and Rs.10/km after that


We at AAB really apprehensive about this implementation reason being –
How many meters in the autos are WORKING and have been calibrated ?
Even if the meters exist many have those old analog ones, which means you should have a chart prepared for the fare.
Will this all happen in a week time??
But we will be the happiest as well as this would be the best gift for Belgaumites. 

4 thoughts on “Meters for auto will be compulsory in Belgaum ?”

  1. Good work done by the authorities and people of belgaum. This was a must as the auto drivers many a times looted the public at will and wish. Hope this really implements and does good to the people of belgaum.

  2. last I read on AAB was that only about 75 autos are authorized and the rest in thousands are all unauthorized, I wonder what RTO is doing while issuing registration certificate, can they not also ensure that the Auto is registered under the relavent category so as to allow them carry passengers on hire basis.

  3. only saying and assuring wont be helping.. they should be taking strict steps in implementing it and this should not b moved for any further date. july 15 to any other date…


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