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Minister Hebbalkar Sparks Outrage with Disparaging Remarks Toward Journalists: Media Professionals Express Displeasure

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By uday

A meeting was held today at Kannada Sahitya Bhavan to condemn the derogatory statement made by Minister Lakshmi Hebbalkar, who referred to Belagavi journalists as unintelligent. Over 42 esteemed journalists participated in the meeting, expressing their strong disapproval of Minister Hebbalkar’s recent behavior towards the press.

During the meeting, five significant resolutions were unanimously adopted to condemn Minister Hebbalkar’s actions:

1) The statement made by Minister Lakshmi Hebbalkar against Belagavi journalists was strongly condemned.
2) It was unanimously demanded that the minister immediately withdraw her statement and issue an unconditional apology.


3) A complaint will be filed with the AICC, KPCC president, and the district in-charge minister’s office regarding the minister’s offensive remarks.
4) The resolutions adopted in this meeting will be brought to the attention of the President of the Karnataka Working Journalists Association.
5) The report on today’s condemnation meeting will be published in newspapers and various media outlets.

This gathering of senior journalists aimed to express their anger and displeasure towards Minister Hebbalkar’s disrespectful attitude. The resolutions passed reflect the journalists’ determination to seek redress and ensure that such derogatory remarks are not tolerated in the future.

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