Missing Jain pontiff in Hirekodi – Belagavi murdered

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Police are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the tragic demise of Acharya Shree 108th Kamakimara Nandi Maharaja, a revered Jain monk and the esteemed leader of the Acharya Kamakumara Nandi Charitable Trust in Hirekodi village near Chikkodi, Belagavi district. It is alleged that two young individuals, who are currently in police custody, are responsible for his untimely death due to a longstanding financial dispute.

The missing Acharyaji from Chikkodi was last seen on Thursday at the Jain Basadi located in Nandi Parvat, Horekodi, where he had resided for the past 15 years. Following his disappearance, the management of the Basadi informed the police that important property documents associated with the religious institution were also missing.

During the course of the investigation, the accused individuals confessed to the murder of the revered pontiff.

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However, their statements regarding the disposal of the body were contradictory. Initially, they claimed to have thrown the body into an abandoned well in Katakabavi village, but upon searching, no trace of the body was found. Subsequently, the accused changed their account and asserted that they had disposed of the body in a river.

Efforts are being made by the police to locate the body and gather further evidence to ensure a comprehensive investigation.

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