MLAs complain about mosquitoes

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Lingasugur MLA Manappa D Vajjal, complained to the speaker Kagodu Thimmappa on Monday evening, about the improper facilities and mosquitoes at the hotel where they had been provided accommodation. Vajjal said, “The Belagavi district administration has not provided us with proper accommodation. Many of us have been put up at a hotel on College Road, which is infested with mosquitoes and has inadequate toilet facilities. We were initially assured of accommodation in either Hubballi or Dharwad. We would have to commute 200 km each way between the twin cities and Belagavi, which would beco-me tiresome. Hence, we req-uested the speaker to help us with better accommodation and he assured us that he would resolve the issue.”

Source: The Bangalore Mirror

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  1. Instead of complaining to speakers MLA’s should try and improve the basic facilities which we common people use When same is being given to MLA’s they complain

  2. Poor complaint… I would have even turned the power off, cut the water supply so that he could have realised common man pain… We have got bigger other issues to complain before the speaker and house..


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