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Mobile Tower causing hindrance in launch of new flight services at Belagavi

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The Expansion work of the Sambra runway is complete and other works such as the Terminal and ATC buildings are in progress.
But the biggest deterrent at this moment for the Boeing planes to land is the Aircel Tower has been erected at height of 949.60 mtrs (Permissible height is 908.30 mtrs) which is installed at 917 and unserviceable as on date and is coming in the approach path of Runway 26 of Belagavi Sambra Airport.

mobile-tower-sambra1There was a BSNL tower as well which was in the approach path, but the same was dismantled on 30/05/2016.

The removal of this tower is very essential for the people of Belagavi as the extended Runway then can be used for the launch of new flights.

Civil works for Runway extension had already been completed on 31 March 2016 but with this tower in the approach path AAAI is unable to install Runway approach & other Ground facility lights.

Once the said tower is removed we can expect launch of new flights in 4 months time as new flights will require DGCA approval and also will depend on the availability of parking slots on other airports.

Sources say that still the ATC building and the Terminal building are under construction but this will not hamper the launch of new flights as it is permitted by DGCA.

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