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Mother and Two Daughters Plunge into Well Amidst Harassment from Husband

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By uday

In a tragic incident that unfolded on the outskirts of Sultanpur village in Raibag Taluk, Belagavi district, a 26-year-old mother named Saraswati Kirave, along with her two daughters, Deepika (7) and Rithika (4), lost their lives by plunging into a well. The unfortunate event occurred as Saraswati, who had married Kiran from Sangli, Maharashtra, in 2016, reached a breaking point due to persistent harassment from her husband.

Saraswati had returned to her hometown, Sultanpur, eight months prior, following a dispute with her husband. Her family members, who retrieved the bodies from the well, asserted that the distress caused by ongoing harassment at her husband’s house led Saraswati to take such a drastic step. Shockingly, her husband had not visited or attempted to reconcile with her and their children during this entire period, exacerbating her emotional turmoil.


Frequent calls and harassment from her husband further fueled Saraswati’s despair, ultimately driving her to commit suicide along with her two daughters. The local authorities, including the police, visited the scene and conducted an investigation. A case has been registered in connection with this tragic incident.

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