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Muslim Cop installs Lord Ganesh in Police Station

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In yet another example of composite culture in an otherwise communally sensitive city, inspector of APMC police station J . M. KALIMIRCHI has installed an idol of Lord Ganesha at the Police station.

He is a Muslim but for him religion or caste does not matter, celebrating festivals with the society will make this society a better place for all.

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Wearing a Gandhi Topi on his head with a tilak on his forehead Kalimirchi brought the Ganesh idol along with his colleagues to the station where the Ganesh idol will be kept and prayers would be held.

He believes that celebrating festivals with an open mind along with other is the need of the hour and all this is done to share the happiness.

12 thoughts on “Muslim Cop installs Lord Ganesh in Police Station”

  1. कालीमिर्ची सर, आप ने सांप्रदायिक लोगों को कालीमिर्च खिलादि।।।।

    वाह वाह वाह वाह वाह

  2. sarv dharm samabhav !!!!!!!!!!
    Both are( all religions are same , end point is one , may be the raods & paths deffeent )
    hatts off you sir ,,,,,

  3. Salute to you.. If each of us think in such a way… There will be peace and love in all of us…… Without any discremenestion……


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