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Newborn stolen from Civil hospital

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A newborn male child was stolen by a girl this morning from the Civil hospital.

Today morning at 5am Sudha had given birth to this child and at 11 am a girl approached the child and said that she will nurse the baby and she ran away.

The mother tried to follow the girl, but their efforts were in vain.

A complaint has been registered with the APMC police station.

3 thoughts on “Newborn stolen from Civil hospital”

  1. Very sad, unbelieveable, why there is no security in government hospitals.why there was no tags on babies, there should be system to tag the babies as soon they are born and it should be the duty of doc incharge of delvery, and tag must not be removed unless mother is discharged or consulting the hospital post delvery and there must be sensors on all the exits and entries to sense this tags, which will also avoid of being exchanged, stolen and identity issue, govt. should implement this programme immediately as we always hear this happenngs in big hospitals,
    lets have basic infrastructure than we will try to tell the world , we are in developing nations row.

  2. My dear friend. there was tag and there is a system of tagging in the civil hospital, there is lack of staff in the hospital. Only TWO nurses are taking care of 100 patients in the ward from where the baby is lost. Ask government to increase the staff. According to WHO there should be 1:3 ration of nurse and patient in the ward. You only calculate how many nurses are required. Dont just blindly give advise, first try to understand ground reality. Already, nurses are overburdened there.


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