Next Corporation elections BJP may field its candidates on its symbol



The BJP is gearing up to field its candidates in the next Corporation elections on its symbol. Many would say so what’s the news here?


The Belagavi city corporation elections have never been fought on party lines. In all the past elections, candidates filed nomination papers as independent candidates and after elections, formed groups based on their language affiliations like Marathi Group, Kannada Group, and Urdu Group.

If the BJP goes ahead as planned then there will be a significant change in the politics of the Corporation altogether.

Each time the Pro Marathi or Pro Kannada groups have celebrated the election of the Mayor and Dy Mayor from their group.

None of the parties have ever tried to field any candidates on their official symbols nor the Congress nor BJP nor JDS.
All file their nominations as independents only.

Many times new groups of a few Marathi, Kannada, Urdu Councilors were also made from which eventually a Mayor was elected.

ccb-boardAlmost all other elections are it Gram Panchayat, Taluka Panchayat all have been fought on the parties symbol.

Currently, the elections of the Corporation are on hold due to cases filed in the High court over Delimitation and reservation.



  1. So from now onwards KANNADA – MARATHI issue will not come ,

    We all are brothers and good friends and we should respect each others MOTHER TONGUE.

    Party wise is better than a
    Language based.

    Suhas C Saibannavar


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