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No entry for lorries in city limits

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The city of Belgaum has seen some tremendous increase in traffic on roads and hence SP Sandeep Patil has said that from November 28, 2012 no lorries would be allowed to enter Belgaum city limits for specific time period.

The entry of trucks will be banned from 8 a.m. To 11 a.m and from 4 p.m. To 6 p.m. During this time all lorries/ trucks entering Belgaum city limits would be stopped at the entrance of the city like trucks coming from Khanapur will be blocked at Udyambag; Trucks coming from Bagewadi will be blocked at Sambra under bridge; Trucks coming from Kakati will be blocked at KLEs cross. Trucks coming from Chandgad will be blocked at Hindalga.

This is being currently under taken on a trial basis and after the feedback is received a permanent plan would be made, Sandeep Patil said.

14 thoughts on “No entry for lorries in city limits”

  1. Good Move!!!. Next step – stop cars and private vehicle (4 wheelers) entering into main market streets during rush hours. They are the main reason for traffic jam & public inconvenience.

  2. Although this a good move to prevent congestion and traffic snarls in the city during peak hours,where will all these vehicles park when they are not allowed to enter the city.
    The road leading to the city from Khanapur is congested as it is. With all these trucks and lorries parked on the road sides this will worsen.
    If the city has planned to create a parking zone for these vehicle then its a great idea.

  3. This is so Stupid. Decisions and planning like these shud be made by the city not SP. He is there to govern the Police force not decide which vehicle shud go which way and what time. The traffic police with conjucion with the city and city planning shud come up ideas and implement them btw where are they gonna park? on the side of the road? as it is the roads are narrow so create more problems for the current traffic. They shud make a ring road where it connects all the highways so that heavy vehicles like trucks and buses can bypass the city.


  4. Hello SP Sandeep Patil Sir,

    This was a long waited initiative & its really appreciable.
    But I feel the pending outerring road process should be taken up on priority by DC/BCC.

    Thanks & regards,

  5. `Its worst decision!,, it will become big headache for those drivers and other area where they gona park. Do some ideal, like ring road else 100 acres parking lot on each highway else use Bullock cart to carry yo crap n then only poke yo nose in traffic..

    • You nailed buddy! Yes you r right,,
      where to park?? how much frustration for drivers and ppl belong to outskirt?? n delay ???
      Gosh! If city authority has no guts to build Ring road and parking lot, they sud not ban vehicles movement tru city. It makes negative impression about city and its growth too. No inverters will invest here for traffic congestion and ban on vehicles move through the town. It shows poverty not management. If you keep doing this then Belgaum will be backward city. Outskirt will be nasty n atmosphere ???
      think twice!!

      Any place grows because of well connectivity. Road, Rail, and Air,

  6. wht u r doing its really a gud job Sir, actual in Belgaum der a lots of problem in traffic ……….lets hope that it yields gud result for all the Belgaum Public ……..


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