No pick up from suburbs for Private bus operators

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Private buses in Belagavi, since the past 10 odd years or so had started pick up points in various parts of the city, especially Tilakwadi, Angol areas.

Now the traffic police have stopped the same as they these buses are causing traffic problems as they are parked on the road and that disturbs the traffic. A similar attempt was done in 2008 and 2010 as well.shanta

The police for this have booked 2 private bus operators for breaking this rule. The police have asked the buses to start only form ONE POINT and that there should be no pick up points in the city. Many travelers complained that by enforcing this would be very difficult for them, as they would have to take an auto and auto charges Rs.100 from Angol to Ramdev or may be even more.
Now you tell me friends when have you complained about the excess fare being charged to the police and when have the police responded to it.

So be prepared to shell more money for the auto to reach Ramdev to catch your bus.

The police must enforce the Meter rule for the autos and then implement such rules. But who will bell the cat?
This is again an act which shows the inability of the authorities to implement one rule strictly which will benefit so many people. Autos must run by meter and if the police cant implement that then they have no moral right to implement this rule as well, we  guess. 

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  1. What a bulshit rules. First make auto meter down and make meter compulsory in city then bring this rules..!! Public won’t accept this. This will. Be horrible for us to travel.

  2. These buses hardly stops for maximum 3-5 mnts at any stop, but is of great convenience for the commuters. Now you will have to spend almost 1/4th of bus fare on auto rickshaws and at night it may be 1/2.Administration is helping those who take public for a ride ie auto rickshaws!! What about the heavy duty trucks passing throughout the day from the city??

  3. are POLICE MAN are not human being,They do not have family? Easily they can use Govt.Vehicles for Dropping there families? What about common man ,whos income is merely Rs.10000 PM.hOW CAN AFFORD TO HIRE AUTO RIKSHA ANOTHER SIDE,CITY IS NOT DEVELOPED ,ROADS ARE NOT WIDENED, INSTEAD OF TAKING SUCH HARSH DECISIONS,BETTER CONCENTRATE ON INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT ,BELGAUM IS STILL 20 YEAR BACKWARD.

  4. police cannot handle traffic of a small city like belgaum where the roads are hardly jammed during evenings and mornings very strange !!!!!!

    • It’s true BGM police cannot handle traffic in this small city. BGM police should be given training in Mumbai traffic during evening hours. No one can challenge Mumbai Traffic police, in the efforts they put in controlling the movement of vehicles in busy roads.

  5. Definitely a wrong move by the police department. While public transportation is the need of the hour, they are encouraging people to use other modes of conveyance which will increase the traffic further and burn the pockets of the common man. I can’t understand who suggests such ideas and how they analyse the problems…

  6. Agree that there would have been raise in Hafta… also overheard that a lot of policemen own Auto rickshaws and hence interested in the well bieing of autowalas…. 🙂

  7. Crowded cities like Bangalore have pickup points through out the city and our belgaum police are unable to manage the traffic of small town

  8. I also fell that the Meter rule for the auto has to be implemented strictly and then changes in other traffic rules. On the other hand he big buses cannot be on the city roads then at least have the mini buses for pick up and drop off for the convenience of the people.


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