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I am not associated with the Corporation so my digital signature is not required – G Prabhu

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In the story Smart city consultant appointment stalled as pen drive goes missing which was based on the story published by Sakal, we spoke to Former commissioner of city corporation G Prabhu and he said

Now that I am transferred to Bengaluru to a different department my signature cannot be used by the Belagavi City corporation as I am no authority by law there now.

He further added,

All the hoo-hah created after this story was published is really not warranted as my didigtal signature which is in my name as G Prabhu cant be utilised by my former department. My digital signature is with me and I am using it in my current posting.

Now the Belagavi city corporation must use the digital signature of the newly appointed commissioner,  Shri. Kurer.

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